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Jessi and the dogs and cats share how to make spring and summer BBQs fun and safe for your pets.

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After a long, cold winter season it's just the best feeling when spring comes along, and you're gonna be outside enjoying the warm weather with friends.

I'm talking about inviting friends over for a barbecue. And by friends, I mean human and non-human.

Many dogs and other pets love joining in the warm, social event, but there are a few things they should not partake in. [intro music]. Number one: the grill. It's hot and either fueled by gas or charcoal, both of which are not compatible with pets.

Never leave the grill unattended where a pet could jump onto or pull cooking food off. Designate a person to stay near the grill while food is being cooked. After the food is cooked and served, cool down the grill as quickly as possible, because the lingering smells might lure a hungry pet into a dangerous situation.

Number two: trash. As you're enjoying your time in the sun, it's likely that you're going to create a bit of trash with packaging, scraps and left over foods. Set up a pet-safe place to dispose of trash, like a sturdy container with a latchable lid or a plastic bag tied to a tree or tall fence.

Number three: foods. Some of the foods that you'll enjoy during your barbecue are not good for our non-human friends. Do not offer these foods to your dog or cat:.

Bones from cooked meats - they can splinter, if chewed, and puncture the intestinal walls of your pet if swallowed. Corn cobs - they can be chewed and swallowed whole by over excited dogs. The corn cob doesn't digest well and it can become lodged in the dogs GI tract, which calls for an emergency trip to the vet.

Guacamole - a good rule to remember is anything you put into guacamole is either poisonous or can cause GI distress. Avocados, onions, garlic, tomato and peppers should all be kept away from your pets. Alcohol - dogs, cats, rodents, birds, basically all pets are very sensitive to alcohol and even a small amount can cause depression of their nervous system.

If too much is consumed, it can cause cardiac arrest. Best to keep all special beverages out of the reach of your pets. If you're feeling guilty about not including your dog by offering foods that are intended for human consumption, make sure that you include pet safe treats that can be given throughout the barbecue.

You can even give each guest a treat to give your pet, so that they feel really included. While you and your friends gather outside, there's a good chance other uninvited guests will join in. Which brings us to number four: insects.

Some insects, like mosquitoes, are attracted to body heat and smells. So groups are likely to be targeted. There are a few ways to keep the insects away, but be careful because most of them are dangerous for your pets.

Citronella candles can work, but they're toxic if consumed. So, when they're not in use keep them safely stored away and placed high enough that your pets can't reach them. When using insect repellent sprays, avoid spraying in the direction of your pet and never directly apply repellent with DEET to your pet.

They'll often try and lick it off and become poisoned. And remember to keep the bottles out of reach for those pets who enjoy chewing on plastic. Number five: too much sun.

If it's a warm sunny day, your pet might be enjoying themselves so much that they don't pay attention to how much sun they're actually getting. Too much sun can be dangerous for your pet just like it is for you. Pay attention to how long they're out in direct sunlight and how active they are.

Offer water regularly and if you think that they've had enough sun, give them a mandatory break in a shaded area. I recommend keeping a leash handy, in case they have trouble resisting play. I hope you get to enjoy the warm spring and summer days with your human and non-human friends.

And if your pets avoid these five things, they'll most likely enjoy the socializing too. Thank you for watching and a big thank you to all of our supporters on Patreon, who help us continue making these educational videos. And if you'd like to go on an adventure with us every week, subscribe to our YouTube channel Animal Wonders Montana.

Thanks guys! [outro music].