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What's at ? The Bizarre Beasts calendar! The only way to decorate while also being ready for the next Hagfish Day! We are only printing a limited number, so get yours now!

Background Calendar Art by Greer Stothers

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One of the many things that makes us humans bizarre beasts is that we mark the passage of time.

Other animals might operate according to their own internal clocks or circadian rhythms or environmental cues like temperature and light, but they’re certainly not counting down the days until the weekend. Weekends, and all of the ways that we mark time, are a purely human construction.

So we put together another very human thing to help you keep track of time: the first-ever Bizarre Beasts 2023 wall calendar. We picked 13 of our favorite past beasts and worked with artist Greer Stothers to create backgrounds that highlight each gorgeous original illustration. And each beast also comes with a blurb full of bizarre facts!

The kakapo is a personal favorite of mine – we featured these strange nocturnal parrots back in our January 2021 episode, but now you will in March have an excuse to look at them for a whole month! Or a whole year – we’re not going to tell you how to use your calendar! This will be one of the few times we ever say this on Bizarre Beasts, but if you want to hang these critters on your wall, head over to or click the link in the description to get yours now!

There's also calendars from Complexly's other shows over there like Journey To The Microcosmos and SciShow, and SciShow Space, and Eons. We only printed a limited number of each of these, so once they are gone, they are gone for good. And you can order one today at

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