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Here's a link to the clear penis extender which I think is particularly cool because you could just put it in an orifice without a dick to look inside!!!

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Tis' the season of penis insecurity! I'm not entirely sure why, but I've received a raft of messages from people with dicks who are concerned about their bodies and sexualities. So, with the help of our sponsor, I'm going to give some feedback.


First question: "Can you be honest? My penis is 5.5 inches, about 14 cm, my age is 15. Will my dick still grow? If yes, how much? And can it grow to 6.5 inches or is that too much to ask for?" Similarly, "Is 5 inches give or take enough to please a woman?" Then there's: "How 'big' should you be to have sex?" And finally: "It's too small. If you could, please make a video on how to make your penis big?"

Oh, friends, let's talk!

Dicks have multiple functions: urination, penetration, stimulation, and ejaculation (evolutionarily for insemination). The size of them absolutely matters, but not really for these reasons. Urination can happen without a penis! So can penetration. Stimulation? Also feasible. And ejaculation: size doesn't matter there. Where size matters is when you're trying to fill erectile tissue with blood, shopping for condoms, and pursuing oral, anal, or vaginal sex that doesn't impale the person's organs.

The length of a penis is measured from the base of the shaft to the tip of the glans. The average is 9-10 centimeters flaccid, or limp, and 13-14 centimeters erect. Here's a rough bell curve of human penis diversity. There are some flaccid penises at this end of the curve at 2, 3, 4 centimeters, also known as micropenises, and then over here there are those that are 19, 20, 24 centimeters. [pointing to 34 centimeters] Jonah Falcon, one of the biggest dicks on record.

The penis has sponge-like tissues in the head and down the shaft: corpus spongiosum and corpus cavernosa. Lengthening, widening, and hardening of this tissue is called an erection, and it's the result of blood flowing in faster than it flows out. For some this will make a significant difference; for others the show is less noticeable. Erect penises range in length from 7 to 8 centimeters to Jonah's 34! All big enough to have sex. All big enough to please another person. So what's the hang up?

Smaller penises are often challenged by society as inadequate. People who identify as "size queens" and want big dick may turn down really great partners based on measurements. There's fear that you can't fill, satisfy, or perform with something that isn't enormous. And the problem only escalates more as we attach size to ideas of attractiveness, masculinity, and sexual prowess.

As for people with larger penises, they also struggle. Often they find a lack of partners willing to play with such endowment, or they risk hurting their partners. There's also wardrobe considerations: not enough room in skinny jeans; chafing! Ouch! And not always, but there are occasions when larger penises don't reach full tumescence, or hardness. They can't get a full erection, making penetration difficult.

Most of this is out of our control. Your penis will grow until about age 17 and then fluctuate slightly as your lifestyle changes and you age. But Charles Panati in one of my favorite books, Sexy Origins and Intimate Things, points out that there are some size factors that we can manipulate. Cold weather is going to decrease the size of a penis sometimes as much as two inches. Same with a cold shower or swimming pool. If you're tired or worn out mentally, things are smaller. And satisfaction, either sexual or otherwise, can lead to a temporary shrink. "A man's penis shrinks a bit immediately after viewing or participating in a sport's victory..."

"The receiver catches the ball! It's a touchdown! Dicks everywhere are shrinking, Bob!"

So, what makes them larger? Well, there are surgeries. You can have the ligaments that hold the top of the shaft in place clipped so that the penis hangs longer, though lower. You can inject fatty tissue or put in implants. You can exercise and eat better so there's less padding burying it. Testosterone and androgen cream are used to increase erectile tissue. And there's a bunch of manual exercises to enhance the penis and make it larger:

[montage] Wrapping. Stretching. Kegels. Pumping. Jelqing. Pumping. Kegels. Jelquing. Pumping.

My favorite way to enlarge the penis is by getting it really aroused and letting physiology do its thing! The hard truth: If you're striving for a big dick to fill up vagina, remember that babies can come out of there. Your dick cannot compete with that. Same with a rectum. If you're trying to impress an asshole with a super long dong, go with fists, people. Or toys. Your penis is great exactly the way it is!

Condoms are really the big issue. Until recently they weren't made with enough variety to cover the shapes and sizes of penises out there. Now there are many more options so you can determine the right fit for your dick. Get a sample pack, test them out, and enjoy discovering what feels best for you. As the saying goes, what matters most is not the length of the wand, but the magic in the stick.

Stay curious!

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