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Oculus Rift Game, The Cave: Today Hank Green BECOMES BATMAN! Watch as he straps on the Oculus Rift and so desperately tries to ride in the Batmobile! The future of the Oculus Rift and virtual reality is looking very bright.
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Game Played:
Hello and welcome to Games with Hank!  I'm Hank, I'm gonna play games, with me, and you're gonna watch.  So it's you watching games with me.  I'm not watching with you, though.  I think you get it.

Today we're gonna be playing The Cave.  I know nothing about The Cave, it was delivered to me by my friend Kareem, who's standing right there. He brought it to me, and he said 'Play this!'  But he didn't tell me anything about it, so I'm gonna put on my Oculus, and I'm gonna start it up, and then you're gonna watch me, watch... it.  With both eyes, binocular-ly.

*beep*  Here we are.  We are, not really in a cave so much as a giant freight eleva-tor. And it's got- ooh it's moving.  These are not correctly designed anti-slip steel.  Just like, the fact that all the, all the bumps are in the same direction in making me... uncomfortable, because that's not how anti-slip steel is designed.  Uh, so.  That's just something I wanted to let you know.

Ooh. (birds fly across screen) Ooh, hello.  Bats? Are you- no, you look like birds, you're birds, you're not bats, you're birds.  Oh, yeah.  Oh, yeah, this is cool.  Step. Okay I'll step.  Oh yeah, ooh we're moving.  I just jumped off, ha ha.  I don't need to wait for you to get down here.

Ooh, you birds are having a good time. You just went right through the glass here. Or is there not glass here? No, there is, there is. Just watched a bird go...

Whoa, neat! Neat! (Computer: Hello Mr. Wayne) Oh, are you serious, I'm Batman. (Computer:...Clara Bennet as you requested. She appears to be back in Gotham City.) Something...(Computer: According to this morning's paper she is now listed as Gotham's public enemy number one) something tells me this is not officially licensed, which is like the greatest thing about Oculus right now.

Oh, over here (Computer: I have reason to believe she is working for this man, Evan Corban, the CEO of Defcom) That's a, that's a building. (Computer: A developer of military AI systems). Oh, that man. (Computer: He is a very dangerous man and very well protected.) You got a dumb hat, though. (Computer: I took the liberty of preparing the Batmobile with a short range bioshield that Mr. Fox sent over last week. Preparing the Batmobile now.) Oh yeah you are, prepare that Batmobile. I need it, I need it.

Are tho...those look like bats, but they looked like birds before. Oh, hello Batmobile. Yeah! Am I going to be able to get into that thing and actually drive the Batmobile right now, because I am super into that idea.

Hello? Clicky, clicky. I can walk through the Batman..I can walk through the Batmobile, but not technically inside of it, apparently. I want to get in the Batmobile! Is this just a teaser, am I being teased right now?

There's only one seat in the Batmobile, which I guess makes sense, though I assume sometimes the Batman needs passengers. Well, was that just a demo of how awesome life could be, but isn't. What's that thing.

Uh, uh. Uuuh. OK, well that's too bad. Peace.

Thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank where we discover how cool life will be once people are really developing games for the Oculus that are large, in-world games. Man, did I want to get in that Batmobile so bad, and all I could do was walk right through it. We'll be back tomorrow with more Games with Hank as we will be back everyday until the end of time. DFTBA.