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Oculus Rift Game, Don't Let Go: Today Hank Green plays a game with the Oculus Rift where he simply mustn't LET GO!
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Game Played:

Hello, and welcome to Games With Hank, where we play games with me, by which I mean I play games...with myself.

We're going to be playing, today, a Oculus staple, which I've actually never played before, that's called "Don't Let Go."

Welcome to Games With Hank, and I hope you enjoy.

And here we go. There's my hands! I'm wearing a pretty cool shirt. I've got a really old phone, and a gigantic cup of really big pens.

Um, I'm at SkyDome Studios, and it is one-thirty. It's a nice day out, um, you know, okay. I'm gonna...find my space space bar.

NPC: Hi.

Hank: I'm not wearing my headphones.

NPC: This will be much better if you have headphones.

Hank: I have headphones, thank you.

NPC: To start the game, press both control keys on your keyboard.

Hank: Okay. Where's-?

NPC: If you want to win, don't let go.

Hank: I just have to not let go of my keyboard. There's a bug. Oh, there's a lot of bugs....Okay. So I see-I see. It's just you're going to try and annoy me into-Hey! Wow! You want me to wave the bugs away. Yes, I-Oh, there's a lot of bugs!

Alright, yeah, I see. Yeah. You don't wanna-Okay. Alright. Okay. Pa-First passed! Test! First passed test! Oh, that's really close, that's right in my ear. Oh god. It's in my ear! It went in! It went in my ear!


Hank: Oh. Oka-OH! Velociraptor! I mean, that's not actually a velociraptor, that's way too big for a velociraptor. Uh, what am I gonna do? If I-I mean-honestly, if I were to punch you, it would be worse! I just-we-we should be friends. Jurassic Park said, "Don't move, their vision is based on movement," which isn't true, but it worked for me. Okay. Don't let go. Don't let go. Still one-thirty.

Second passed test!

*tap, tappity tap*

Hank: What? Hello? What? Huh? The problem here is that I can't adjust-Oh! I missed it!

NPC: Well, maybe this isn't scary enough for you. Did you know there is a giant spider behind this laptop? It really wants to meet you.

Hank: No...

I totally missed the knives, so third passed test...Warning-Spiders...Okay. I'm fine.

Oh yeah, hi, spider. Okay...oh, you're big! But big spiders...AGAGHAGOOGAGAGAG!

Thanks, Kareem, that was aweso-Oh, it's in my ear. Oh...ew...It-I'm not that afraid of spiders, especially big ones. Uh, like, that's not bothering me that much. There was a nice little-Oh, I don't like it when it sounds like it's crawling into my ear, though! Oh, it feels like it's in my head. In my mouth! Oh god!

Well, I-Okay, now what's gonna happen? It's getting dark. I have a spider in my brain. Oh, there they...that's a match...*trys to blow match out* What are you doing? What are-It's fine. You're not gonna cut my hands. I really want to adjust the Oculus. Ooh...I, like, wanna blow out the match, but I can't.

These are fast-moving knives. Really all around my head.

Okay. Have I succeeded? Third-fifth passed test? I don't know. Shakin' the-oh, god. Just pushing up my glasses, my nose hurts.

What are you doing? That's creepy! *laughing* Go away ya' creepster!...What are you doing?

NPC: Okay! I give up! Congratulations!

Hank: Ohhh...

NPC: Yes, you win.

Hank: I passed all the tests!

NPC: Well, actually...

Hank: Oh, wait.

NPC: Let me try one more thing.

Hank: Oh, no...It's a...whiteboard marker. AHG-Oh my god!

*slow motion* AHG-Oh my god!

...I win. I win!

Winner! Right here! I-I don't know, I'm just really good at stuff.

There will be another episode of Games With Hank, as I keep indicating, tomorrow. DFTBA.