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In which John talks about whether education is a science or an art form, which was Michael’s topic suggestion from the Project for Awesome. The Wimbly Womblys play Sheffield Utd.

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Hello and welcome to Hankgames without Hank, my name is John Green, manager of the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys currently plying their trade in the third tier of English football, the EFL league 1. Today I've got a topic from a Project for Awesome contributor named Michael. Thank you, Michael, for donating to the 2106 Project for Awesome. We raised more than 2 million dollars for charity this year. Pretty fantastic. Speaking of fantastic, I like a good bald and we've got one.

Just a quick update, there's been a very interesting and disturbing development here in EFL league 1. There I am, Asiosi Manager with my beautiful red mane, staring impassively at the side I've selected for the day. There's been a fascinating development in league 1 which is that AFC Wimbledon are currently in 1st place, some might say that's due to semi-professional skill level being significantly lower than real life skill level, some might say that semi-pro is what I am at FIFA so I'm in the right place. Anyway, we're in first place. Currently in second place, the franchise currently playing in Milton Keynes, only 2 points behind us. High drama in the first half of our first season if FIFA 17, it doesn't get much worse than that. 

Ok, the topic is from Michael, he writes, "As a future math/theatre teacher." Quick, hit the pause button. What is a math/theatre teacher? What do you do for a living? Oh, I teach the theatre of mathematics. Or alternately, the mathematics of theatre. I guess you could probably do either of those. What I like about you, Michael, and about your pursuits in general, is that there should be no bright line between the hard and the soft subjects in school. The idea that like somehow you can insulate or isolate yourself from mathematics or from the arts is just ludicrous. It all happens together, it's a big interconnected web of trying to understand ourselves in context and trying to understand what we even mean when we talk about ourselves. Anyway, "I was wondering if you could talk about how much of education

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is a science and how much of it is an art form, I'm always torn between the two due to my polar opposite content areas." Well again, Michael, you're not talking about necessarily opposites. These things can be, they can be connected in deep ways. You know the, I don't like to be one of those people who like worships the Greeks (like I make fun of Aristotle a lot and I think I'm justified in a lot of my making fun of Aristotle although for the record Aristotle is a genius). Anyway, that's something that I like about the Pythagoreans and what not is that they saw math and theatre and art and science and religion as all deeply interconnected and didn't try to silo everything away into it's own little world.

Good start here against Sheffield United. We're starting England's greatest lyric poet, T.S. Elliot. The John Greens, they've just been having a tough time with little JJ, he's been sick. It's very distressing. Oh come on! That was a really nice piece of play and then Lyle Taylor, who's been struggling all season. I'm sorry to lose my temper, but Lyle Taylor's been struggling all season and that's just reprehensible. I mean, Asiosi Manager is just, he's so disgusted that he won't even show his face to the camera. There it is, god I'm handsome.

Anyway, so in the world of education, there's an obsession right now, and to some extent with good reason, with quantification, with being able to measure whether a teacher is successful, whether a student has learned the material, whether they can prove that they've learned it, and whether they've learned it in a lasting way and not just a way that they can pass a test, you know, 5 minutes after cramming and then forget everything that they learned forever, which unfortunately happened to me a lot in high school. The idea there is a very good one. It is important to measure success because otherwise we don't know if

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