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The team saved the guy and got the thing!

Thanks for watching!

Hello and welcome to HankGames x2! We're headed back to Formidable Oak. I am nervous, but I think that we will be okay.

So, I've, uh, replenished my Pikmin stocks. I went to a couple of locations, uh, to make sure that I would have more Pikmin. It's enough for two spots of everything. No! Two spots. Aand good! And everybody, excellent, okay! Yes! Okay! This was what I wanted to push.

Now I don't know if I have to go through the maze all over again? No, he's back, he's down there, he's down there. Let's just do it!

Oh, he's still hurt! You're kidding me! This is amazing news! I cannot believe he is still hurt! This is so cool! I am so excited! This is gonna be so much easier than I though it was going to be.

Don't speak too soon, Hank. What's this one going to be? It's going to be water. A-ha-ow! He's always hitting me!

Good job! Good job you excellent Pikmin. RUN AWAY! Ahh! Gosh! Nope, back! Back! GET UP, GET UP! Get it! Yeah! Yeah! Oh man! You got nothin' on me.

Your little fingers move really fast. Oh geez. Everybody run away from the one that's gonna turn into fire! Oh he knocked me over! He's already killed half my Pikmin!

There's no yellows. Oh geez. Oh, he replenished really fast. How did you kill all my yellows? What was the trick of that?

ATTACK! Oh he started flying...fantastic. Wonderful timing! GET UP THERE! Oh, I can't even...

Oh geez! He knocked me over! The knocking of me over is like the most annoying thing that this thing does.

Go! Run! He's on the ground! No. Hopefully this one close one doesn't... Get it! Yes. Y
es! Okay, I got two of them! I got two of them and he's got like a sliver left. Sliver!

GET HIM! IN THE BUTT! IN THE BUTT! He's losing steam everybody. Once...

Oh, I threw a red one in. Oh gosh he knocked me over again!

He's little! He's so little now! (Hank laughs) I my gosh it's such a sliver. IT'S SUCH A SLIVER! NO! NO! NO! GET HIM!

Everybody run away. Everybody is fine--oh you collected them up. Alright. We've got like just rocks. I don't know why but we got just rocks. 

Go get him, rocks! Can I go get more Pikmin? He's so tiny! He's so tiny! Oh yeah! I hit you right in the head with that rock, and you spat that cube up! And now there's an Olimar in there! And it's gonna be great! Right? Yeah! All the pieces...gooey piece of crap!

(Hank hums the music)

Wow I wish I knew it was going to be that easy or I wouldn't have spent two days collecting Pikmin.

Katherine is in the corner laughing at something on Tumblr. It's very good.

Now that was harrowing! I cannot thank you enough for saving me! I'm Olimar, captain of the S. S. Dolphin. Pleased to meet you! I see that you've rescued my colleague Louie as well. I hope he didn't abscond with any of your food. He has a habit of doing that. He did, in fact! Yes, that's exactly what he did. Well, to apologize you for that and thank you here's a (?~03:29) cosmic-drive key! And it's clearly...a plug. Now we can get back to Koppai! Whew, what a relief! Dude's, you're gonna save the planet. Hocotate is on our way home! My own ship is sadly out of commission.

What hair you've got Olimar! It is impressive! Yes, food, food, food. You are very weird.

Oh do they make, uh, little stuff, like maybe like little plastic ones of those. Cause I could probably, I could probably put one of those on my shelf. Wouldn't feel bad about that.

Oh the Pikmin! They miss us! Oh this is really good bye! Oh my gosh! Why is that thing back? We killed it! Maybe it was a different one. Why did it want Captain Olimar so bad? We owe them so much. It's true, we do. They saved our entire planet. Farewell, my comrades!

(Hank makes weird noise)

I mean there's--a we--I promise you I killed that gold thing. Now it's just there again.

Fly on home. Do it for your mother, sister, and brother, and your country! Also, other countries!

Oh they did okay without you for the last million years of evolution. You gotta get home. You gotta take that juice! You gotta juice up your entire planet! Oh what a pretty spaceship that is. You gotta go to--oh yeah! Cosmic drive! Oh it's beautiful.

Yay!! And so the intrepid explorers succeed in securing a reasonable sup--oh he's gonna do it for me... Ah that's my job. I read the thing. I wonder who this voice is. Who is this guy? But fate will decide whether history repeats itself. I coulda--I woulda done so much better than this--I woulda been so much--They shoulda hired me for reading that. I can talk. I am good at talking.

Okay. Is that the end of the game? Are we gonna roll credits now? Oh. We are! General prod--oh let's just--let's just sit together and enjoy how pretty.

Oh look at them lounging! That one's looking like all sexy. It's like, "Hey baby!" Yeah.

Oh flying! We're friends! You guys--oh yeah, oh man. It's so relaxing to be a Pikmin when, uh, when Hank Green isn't around to throw you at stuff, huh? Much simpler life.

Oh sound director. Well done with the sound direction.  Mits--Mits--Mitsuhiro. That was good soun--I like the sound a lot. Music is good. All good.

Oh you're scaring the butterfly. Oh you fell over! Aww. Aww. 

Oh you're sledding! You're tobogganing! The Pikmin--oh my god! So cute--look at! Snow sports Pikmin! Oh I want to do that! I want to go sledding or ice skating.

Oh on tulips! In the sun! It's a good life! Oh! Careful there's a thing! Oh! Yeah you are a predator. I killed a lot of you and your children too. It's okay. Ears...big ears Pikmin.

Julian Macfarlane was a voice.

Look everybody's got a Pikmin. We're all friends! Doesn't matter what color we are. Whether we have flower hats or leaf hats. We're all buddies.

They're singing? They're singing Katherine. The Pikmin are singing a song. Okay, this makes me really want a Disney Pikmin movie. Can that be a collaboration? I--yeah that would be good. Oh my god! Why didn't they ever sing when I was on the planet with them?

Awww. Bye Pikmin! Thank you for your help! You guys are really great! You little sunshine plant beings. And the sun sets over them while a meteor falls. Possibly just another spaceship of lost lonely travelers searching, searching for seeds and fruits and juice.

Thank you for watching this episode of Hank Green Plays Pikmin 3. This has been HankGames x2. The End. You will not see me, and I will not see you, but you will hear me when I play a different game on this channel: Take your finger, and put it on your mouse, and click on the like button if you liked it. Good bye. 

Oh wait there's a final report! Wait, wait! Ha! Let's see what happened from the--oh man! Oh my god--ah--good. Katherine's laughing at something. Pikmin who perished. Oh there's a lot of dead Pikmin you guys. I killed a lot of the fliers. The fliers were disposable, as were the rocks, apparently! Interesting. I got 42 total, uh, fruits. Uh, and I guess I'm just gonna click on finish. So we're finished. Good bye!