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The universe is awe-inspiring! From ground breaking discoveries in the news to the big questions about what makes life possible, SciShow Space brings you answers to your burning questions... and poses some even weirder questions along the way. Join us every Tuesday and Friday for new videos about all things space.

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There's something out there so massive, that it's pulling on every object within hundreds of millions of light years.

Mars once had an enormous lake, and billions of years ago, it might have harbored life.

 Humans have been exploring space for decades, and we're starting to figure out how to do it more sustainably and clean up our space trash.

On SciShow Space, we talk about it all. We dig deep into the science behind how space is changing, how our understanding of space is changing, and how we're changing space.

Every week, we tackle a new topic, from planets shaped like donuts to burning questions, like how astronauts do their business.

The universe is astonishing and wonderful and frankly just mind-blowing. And that is what SciShow Space is all about. 

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