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Yes, there is actually some footage of a guy being attacked by a bison in this video because we musn't forget that approaching wildlife is dangerous.

My family is still in town and we're still on semi-vacation having a good time with them.


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Good morning, John, I love you.

Huuugh! Okay moving on.

We are now the 81st most subscribed channel on YouTube! And I mention this only because 81st is a very important number, it marks as high as we will go in the charts. We are about to be made 82nd by the most amazing Toby Turner.

I get really excited when people that I like a lot start passing us in the subscription charts, and after you watch his literal Harry Potter trailer, you will know that he deserves 81st more than we do.


Katherine's family is still in town, and we are having a whirlwind of epic family adventures. We only get to see them about once a year, so it's important to pack in the love!

So let's look at some of that. We went to Greenough Park, which Katherine and I used to live right across from and I really love the place. And I like to throw rocks, and Katherine likes to build stuff out of rocks, so it's good to know that at least in some ways, she has the female instincts of "let's build things together" and I have the male instincts of "let's throw rocks!!!!!!"

And Jesse, my nephew, saw his very first real, live deer here in Greenough Park, and I was very excited and he was very excited, and he wanted to go hug it, and I told him that when people approach wild animals, often times they get attacked and hurt very seriously, and it turned out that this was a little bit too much information for him to handle...but it's true!

And then, we went to see Jesse's very first baseball game. It was a lot of firsts for him. I think it's really important that whenever you're having new experiences, you start out with kind of a sub-par experience, otherwise you don't really have anywhere to go from, your first apartment should be a hole in the wall and the toilet should be right next to the bed with no wall or door between you. That's how you should start, so that every time you get a new apartment, and there's a door between your bed and the toilet, like that feels like a significant upgrade in your life and those upgrades make you really happy. Which is why I think it is important for Jesse's first baseball game to be the Missoula Osprey who happen to be the worst team in the minor-est of the Minor Leagues.

KATHERINE: Time to rally?

HANK: Time to rally!

...We didn't rally. I go for the peanuts. To be totally honest.

Then Jesse had to go, which is sad, but also kind of a relief, because he is a little bit...high maintenance...does that make me sound like a Decepticon for saying that? Oh well.

It did mean that Katherine's parents and I could go on more, longer excursions out of town, which we did! To the National Bison Range!

HANK: Hey Katherine.


HANK: What did the buffalo say to his son when he went off to college?

KATHERINE: I don't know. What did he say?

HANK: Bye, son. Hehehe...

Then I walked up to this huge pile of antlers which had been collected over the years and then stuck down onto a pole so that it looked as if there was a huge...pile of...antlers...and then I hit my head on it.

Ow! I hit my head on it!

And there were grasshoppers everywhere, like plague level, every time you moved they would explode from the ground, and then I found out some amazing information about bison, who look docile and slow and peaceful but can run as fast as a horse and are extremely aggressive!!

This videotape is owned by the US Government, so I can show it to you and I don't have to worry about copyright problems. The guy was fine, but the point is clear. Never approach wildlife.

And though at the National Bison Range we saw Bighorn Sheep, and Pronghorn Antelope, and a baby Mule Deer, and a lot more than that, we didn't get up close to very many bison, except for this dead stuffed one at the visitor's center. But the dead stuffed bison was pretty impressive. Very beautiful and really very amazing animal that we almost drove into extinction due to our ignorance and--aw nobody wants to see that.

Then we went to a restaurant outside of the National Bison Range where they serve bison burgers, which I feel like is kind of weird, like you gotta taste the thing that you just enjoyed looking at? I don't understand exactly why I think that's weird, like the animals aren't coming from the bison range they're like half-cow half-bison and they're on ranges and they can't be wild anyways and I just realized that my wallet is made out of bison leather so I'm going to shut up now.

And that's all! I'll see you on Friday.