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Our first episode goes up on March 13th and we'll have a new video every Wednesday after that. Subscribe now to make sure you don't miss a thing!

Hi, I'm John Green, and I'd like to welcome you to the mental_floss YouTube channel. These days, I'm a novelist and video blogger, and mental_floss is a wildly successful magazine, but here's a bit of trivia: my first writing job, was for mental_floss magazine. And now, more than a decade later, we're bringing it to YouTube. We're hard at work right now, designing the set, and collecting anatomically correct giraffes and creepy half-faced ladies... It's even going to have a proper intro and everything. Every Wednesday, you'll find either a nerdy trivia-tastic list video from me, or a quiz video from my brother Hank. For instance, did you know that the world's largest ball of human hair is in Charleston, Missouri? That's the kind of thing that you're going to learn here at mental-floss, so make sure you subscribe. I don't know where the subscribe button is on the crazy new YouTube, but... but, click it! And as we say in my hometown, to paraphrase the President of the United States, Don't Forget To Be Awesome.