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This week, we're taking a bit of a break, but we thought you might also like one. So, today, let's all just sit and look at our lovely little friends while we take a breath and enjoy Andrew Huang's amazing music.

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This video contains the song Rain II from Andrew Huang's album The Lyre In Trees, available here:

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Today on Journey to the Microcosmos, we're going to be doing something a little bit different.

See, here at Microcosmos headquarters we've been putting in a lot of nights and weekends to make sure you have an upload every Monday, or occasionally Tuesday. And while some days are for learning, other days might be better spent just looking.

And thus, so we can get a little bit ahead and maybe be a little less stressed, and also so you can, if you want, just chill with some of our favorite tiny beasts, today's episode is going to be just music and video. Basically, here are some really cool little organisms, and I'm just going to go. Bye!

Thank you for coming on this journey with us, as we explore the unseen world that surrounds us. As always, if you want see more from our Master of Microscopes, James, check out Jam and Germs on Instagram. And we will be back with more regularly scheduled programming next week.