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In which Hank goes to the Googleplex and talks about his trip to LA!

It's only 9:00 on the east coast, I promise!

Alex Day's "Hearts" is an awesome song isn't it? It's on Parrot Stories:!/artist/7/Alex-Day


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Good morning John. I'm in a donut. Omnomnomnom.

I'm at Google headquarters. I've had a bit of a whirlwind week; it's been a little bit insane, but now, I'm in San Francisco, and this place is cool. They have little bikes you can borrow. Take 'em around. We started off in Seattle, where I saw what I thought was the largest window ever. And then I went to Los Angeles and saw a bunch of convention centers where the windows were much larger than that one in Seattle. And now I'm at at Google, which is pretty amazing fairyland of a place, to be honest.

And now they gave me an o-, I officially have an office at Google. Look at me, look at it. I officially, actually I just walked into this room. I, I opened the door and I walked in. 'Cause there's a plug, and there's a desk and I, I needed to edit my video. Ahhh! Careful, camera. Don't fall over, you're expensive.

It's weird here. You know how recently, people found out that Google had been driving a car that was driving itself, and the driver wasn't driving, and it was driving all around California, and nobody knew about it? People who work on things like that, they call them product development. Product developers. It's kinda like saying, uh, my job is that I, uh, I'm a stuff maker. I make stuff. That almost freaks me out, like sometimes, you know how recently scientists said they could, uh, possibly make a human-chimpanzee hybrid? And that's kinda like an interesting and cool idea, but of course you never want to do that, it's really immoral, but it's, scientifically, it's very fascinating, very fascinating idea. I feel like 70 floors below me right now, there is a humanzee. And they're... putting him through grade school, and you know, maybe they'll make him a humanzee girlfriend at some point.

Honestly, it's just amazing to see all the people who come together and make the things that make our lives better. They seem very happy, like very nice people. The food is delicious. Almost certain that they're not making any kind of chimeras. It's really, it's a good place.

Ahh! And if were to actually curious why I was in Los Angeles... Why does my finger smell like chocolate? Why am I not editing this out of the video?

Working on VidCon, I was working on VidCon in Los Angeles. And now I'm here at Google to attend the first Google-only stop of the DigiTour. Which I'm very exited about, and it may be coming to a place near you. Just Google it, and there's a good chance it's gonna be at a city near you. Thank you to Alex Day for the song that's been playing in the background of this video. It's called Hearts, and it's on his album Parrot Stories. John, I hope that you aren't too jealous that I am the first Vlogbrother that got to go to Mountain View campus of Google. I will see you, on a day that is Monday.