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In which Hank walks around and marvels at the creations of Nerdcrafteria a bit. Also, if you want your spawn reviewed, have it done by Tuesday!!
Hello and welcome to Nerdcrafteria where we have suddenly an entire town on our hands. Now some people haven't yet built their houses but all of the plots in the main area of town have been purchased and most of them have been built on in a fairly substantial way which is pretty cool honestly. Like this is a weird building. It's made of stairs, it's made of stacked stairs. That's an interesting way to get a texture. There's some really giant creepy Mordor torches and people are representing their countries which I like to see, flags flying. We've got a giant Scottish flag over here 'cause these people are obviously friends and so together they bought plots or it's the same person who bought three plots by having three different characters log in, I don't know how he did that but, or she, but it's pretty cool. It's pretty cool I gotta say.

This person made, and wait for it, a TARDIS that is also a farm tower. It's a tower farm TARDIS. So that's pretty great. This person just made a giant hole in the ground. So, that's intense. I... Oh my God, that was a slime, I didn't even realize. How the heck did they do this? This is nuts. That was a lot of... Yep. Here we go. Anyway, that was cool. Spawn has yet, not yet, not yet made. We did put in a Reef Arena, I don't really know how Reef works, I've never done it before. There's a This Star Won't Go Out tower, there's quite a lot of skyscrapers, I really like this rocket ship here. Also this creeper house is quite nice but the rocket ship is just, I like it. It looks like, is it the rocket ship from Pikmin? That's what it looks like.

And then there's some skyscrapers over here. This is the area of town where my house is and also that's where the bank is. So this is sort of turned into downtown with a lot of pretty big buildings, a lot of skyscrapers. They just keep getting taller. I really like this one, it feels like a skyscraper, you know. It just has that feel to it. But out on Lighthouse Point there is still a lot of space left for people to join up right out on the very edge. Interestingly this person got one of the nicest plots on the server, it's not very big, but they just planted a farm there. And so... Whoop, let's just go out and around so we can see Lighthouse Point from the ocean here which would be nice if there was, we could have some boat tours of Nerdcrafteria.

We have a height limit on Lighthouse point so that's why everybody's houses are the exact same height, but really nice houses. This actually turned out to be a plot that isn't connected to anything so we might just extend it so that this person can have more space. This one is saved, we've saved a few for contests and stuff. I'm getting herky-jerky... The herky-jerkiness, by the way, if you are seeing that... Uh, should this be on fire? Yes it should. If you are seeing the herky-jerkiness that is because of my computer, not because of the server. My computer's having a hard time handling this.

Wow, I was here, like, five minutes ago and this house wasn't here so that's pretty cool. And just in general lots of people are doing cool stuff. There's a lot more space. This person's just throwing seeds around. There's a lot more space in Old Nerdcrafteria, there's a bunch of sp... Like, the mining world has still got plenty of space, of resources in it that we will be recreating it fairly soon. This person is just doing something weird. Crouchy crouchy. And then if you want to enter the contest for spawn you can build that in creative world and you should do that this week and if you can't finish by Monday or Tuesday you probably shouldn't even start because we have to choose pretty quick 'cause obviously we need a spawn and I'm just being surrounded by people which is kind of freaking me out. So whee!

Alright, a little space, that's good. (Laughs) And, yeah. It's really cool. I like it a lot. Let me set the time to day so that you can see it in the daytime. Here it is in the daytime. Oh, Nerdcrafteria, you're pretty cool. I love that I just built, I like laid out a city and then people built it. So yeah, we're creating more plots. There are still quite a lot of plots to get and there will be more added so you don't have to worry about that. There's lots of plots available in South Town, which is also known as Old Nerdcrafteria, the town of the people who had the original Nerdfighter server. There will be lots of plots in other towns as soon as we set those up and there will also be lots in this town. So you don't have to worry about there not being plots, we're always laying down more.

Don't talk about the Hank Cave. Doesn't exist. And, yeah. We'll be adding more plots. There will always be space for more Nerdfighters in Nerdcrafteria except that the server really can only accept about 130 people at a time before it starts to crash. You can see it's already pretty, pretty laggy right now. So that's the situation here in Nerdcrafteria. I'm liking a lot of the architecture, there's, you know, some... We've got everything basically. We've got TIE fighters, we've got Mario, we've got, you know, everything from, like, really cute, well designed houses. I really like this one with the Nether Brick stairs and fences and the white wool if that's white wool. I'm not sure if it is or not. It is. I really like that, RainyK's house. This one's really cute and well done. It's got hedges for Christ's sake. That's fricking awesome. It's got frigging hedges! Well done.

So that's just like a cute, normal house and then we've also got, like, you know, crazy Eye of Mordor things going on. As always people are just following me around I feel like. Are you guys just following me around? It's a little weird. It's a little weird! Go about your business! All right. Well I'm out. You will not see me, I will not see you, but you will hear me next time as... They're just jumping. As I explore more of Nerdcrafteria and maybe, maybe I will see you if you're here on the server. But anyway, thanks for all the great architecture, people. Thanks for all the inspiration and creating a really cool town and we will continue to make this a great and exciting and cool place. Good bye.