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In which John discusses the financial situation of various nerdfighter community project, including the disbursement of funds raised during the 2015 Project for Awesome, the current status of the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, the nearly $7.5 million loaned so far by the nerdfighter kiva group, the growth of our educational channel Crash Course, and our new curriculum project.

I forgot to mention this, but every Crash Course video is now available for download for teachers and students who can't access YouTube online at

On the topic of kiva working to get better outcomes with their microfinance partners: One of the big problems facing microfinance is that while access to banking services and inexpensive credit does help individuals to grow business, it hasn't been successful at reducing poverty across a social order. Absolute poverty is EXTREMELY complicated, and it's very difficult to sort out which levers need to be pulled to reduce it in a community, but kiva is now focusing much more on experimenting with more levers, from zero interest loans to working with organizations that approach poverty holistically instead of just functioning as banking institutions. You can find out more here: and here:

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Good morning, Hank. It's Tuesday. I'm wearing a suit jacket which can only mean one thing; it's time for the Bank of Nerdfighteria's quarterly report. Or that I'm at a funeral, but I'm not at a funeral.

So the Bank of Nerdfighteria has three branches: there's the executive branch which probably has too much power, the judicial branch that literally believes that corporations are people, and then there's the legislative branch which presumable was named ironically  since it hasn't passed meaningful legislation in nearly a decade. Wait, no I'm thinking of a different institution. The Bank of Nerdfighteria's three branches are the giving branch, the lending branch, and the spending branch.

Let's start with the giving branch. The Foundation to Decrease World Suck, our actual real-life charity, has finished paying out well over a million dollars in grants from the 2015 Project for Awesome. The money went to all of these awesome organizations listed here and it's doing lots of good all over the world.

For instance, I recently heard from that Nerdfighteria has just funded a capped spring water well in Northern Ethiopia that serves over 2000 people. So far this year, the Foundation to Decrease World Suck has just over $73,000 in the bank. Most of that money comes from Vlogbrothers ad revenue.

Right now half of the revenue from this channel goes to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck and half goes to sponser online education projects. So thank you for watching the ad before this video. Hopefully there was an ad.

Okay, let's move on to the lending branch. The Nerdfighter Kiva group has now loaned more than $7.4 million to entrepreneurs around the world. Also, more info about this in the doobly-doo, but Kiva has made some important steps to improves outcomes with their partners lately. 

And then Hank there are two very exciting updates from the spending branch of our bank. So in 2016 four crash course videos have gone up each week. Like currently we're discussing literature, the history of games, physics, and philosophy.

But starting September 1st all the crash course Patreon money raised for the remainder of 2016 will go to fund an expansion of Crash Course in 2017. This will mean five videos a week by the spring of 2017 and hopefully six videos a week by the end of the year, including our first forays into higher ed topics like advanced physics and athropology. 

And we're really excited to be growing, we're also working to systematically translate Crash Course videos into multiple languages. By the way, if you happen to have the talent and time to volunteer to help with that translation project please let us know via the form in the doobly-doo. So yeah, thanks to everyone's help on Patreon more Crash Course videos next year available in more languages. 

And lastly, for more than a year now Joe and Stan in our office have been working with help and funding from Bill Gates' BGC3 organization to build out educational materials around Crash Course videos. 

Like as you may be aware textbooks are ridiculously, astonishingly, stupifyingly expensive, and we've always felt like maybe a better price for the would be, you know, free. Because if high quality curricular materials were available for free online in would allow schools to save money on textbooks and invest that money in their most important resource, which is teachers. 

So last week Crash Course released it's first full curriculum which covers AP World History with readings and primary sources and assessment tools for both students and teachers. Hopefully it's like a textbook, plus worksheets and writing prompts, except it's easily downloadable, frequently updated, and free. You can find it all at or there's a link in the doobly-doo below.

We're really looking forward to getting feedback from teachers and students so we can continue to update and improve the curriculum. This is just the beginning and it's only one course but we're very excited about it so please check it out, share it with your teachers, and hopefully we'll find funding to create more full courses in the future. 

I want to again thank everyone at BGC3 and also everyone who supports Crash Course on Patreon. You can find Crash Course's Patreon by clicking here or there's a link in the doobly-doo. There are lots of great perks available to Patrons although by far the biggest perk is knowing that without you Crash Course literally would not exist. So thanks.

So that's the update from the Bank of Nerdfighteria, Nerdfighters if you have questions I will be in comments. Hank DFTBA, I will see you on Friday.