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Chili Pepper is a Patagonian Cavy, aka Mara (a very large rodent) that lives at Animal Wonders and loves going on walks outside. Join Jessi and Chili Pepper on a frolic in the forest.

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Guys, it is a gorgeous day outside and I would love to get an animal out there and just enjoy the time, so let's go get Chili Pepper and go hang out.  


Hey buddy.  Are you taking a nap?  Do you wanna go for a walk?  You ready to run?  Let's do this, huh.  We're gonna have so much fun.  Alright, buddy.  You're so excited, here you go.  Here you go, here you go.  Oh, shake it off.  Oh, let's go this way.  This is one of my favorite things to do with the animals, just getting them out and exploring, having them interact with the world.  We have some grass growing here and some dandelions and we have some native plants.  He stays away from any of the native plants that might be toxic to him, he just naturally avoids them.

Chili Pepper is a Patagonian cavy and he is a natural herd animal, so he's most comfortable hanging out with other people.  If I start moving around, he'll generally follow where I go, because that's just his herd instinct is to go where his herd goes.  I like this really long leash 'cause it just gives him a lot of freedom to stay behind or go in front no or wander.  Hi cutie.  What's up?  Do you want a treat?  Yeah.  

(whistles)  The whistling is a happy noise for cavies.  He does it when he's really happy and so I have started whistling for a call for him to get him to come to me.  Aw, Chili Pepper wants to say hi to Matt.  Matt is also considered part of his herd, so sometimes while we're filming, Chili Pepper will start following Matt and sometimes he gets a little too close to the camera.  He's also friends with Ruby.  Ruby, gentle.  Good girl.

Chili Pepper came to us when he was really young so he has been around so many different kinds of animals.  He's comfortable around every species we've brought in.  Hi bud.  Especially dogs, so they don't even faze him.  Oh no!  This happens all the time.  Chili Pepper.  Circle?  Oh, flowers.  Flower distraction.  

Oh, guys, I'm having so much fun with Chili Pepper.  This is one of my favorite things, just being with the animals and letting them enjoy being themselves in a fun place.  I hope you enjoyed hanging out with Chili Pepper and me.  If you'd like to go on an adventure with us every week, subscribe to our YouTube channel AnimalWondersMontana.  Thanks, and we'll see you next week.

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