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Week two of Pizzamas begins with a REUNION VIDEO!

This time, I realized that we can search our comments for "John looks like" and "Hank looks like" and similar things to find who (and what) people think we look like over the years. Having literally hundreds of thousands of comments on this channel is an amazing honor, honestly. Reading through comments from deep in the history of this channel was really wonderful.

Also, very funny.

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Hank: Good morning, John! 

John: Goooood morning!! It's a reunion video surprise! 

H: [laughs]

J: It's a Pizzamas miracle! 

H: We didn't plan this... Our cousin is just getting married -- well, he did *plan* it... I'm going to take my shirt off so you can see my Burnt Pizza John.

J: There are only 5 days left in Pizzamas, you have to get all of your Pizzamas gear right now at Sorry, what were you saying? 

H: I recently discovered that you can search all of the Vlogbrothers' comments.

J: Yeah. So now we are going to find out what we look like according to the really nice people [both laugh] who leave comments on Vlogbrothers' videos. 

H: Almost all of our comments are lovely. Some of these are not.

J: "Hank looks like Minkus from 'Boy Meets World.'"

H: I get that one quite a bit. 

J: Yeah -- yeah, I mean I see it. 

H: Okay, but why does middle school John look like Minkus from 'Boy Meets World'? 

J: [laughs] 

H: "Hey John, you're looking deliciously Jimmy Neutron today." 

J: Jimmy Neutron looks like the caricature artist at Disneyland was drawing me. 

H: You've been getting Jimmy Neutron since like 2008. In the video where you introduced Henry? 

J: Yeah.

H: Samu(?~0:56) says, "Hello, I'm James Neutron, Sr., and this is little Jimmy." 

J: Hank looks like Handsome Squidward. 

H: [Laughs]

H: "I just realized John looks like the scammer guy who's always trying to say, 'Look at my house, and my Lamborghini, and this Lamborghini, and that Lamborghini..." 

J: Oh, yeah, totally, yeah. Good lookin' guy, has multiple Lambos -- he's got it figured out. 

[After googling the cost of Lambos]

J: Ho-oh-ly schmerg.

H: Eeh, yeah that's the MSRP of a house...  "John's head looks like a weeble-wobble." 

J: They weeble and they wobble but they don't fall down. 

H: "Does anyone think that John kinda looks like middle-aged James Potter?" Is that redundant? Isn't James Potter always middle-aged in the Harry Potter Books? 

J: Yeah, well, I think he's sort of late early-aged and then he's -- deceased.  

H: [Googles]

J: 21 years old?

H: 21 years old?! 

J: In that case, I feel that James Potter was miscast. 

[Both laugh.]

H: There was never a middle-aged James Potter -- that never happened.

J: Until me!! "Hank on the guitar looks like one of those Proclaimers from that Scottish twins duo." 

H: I also have "John really does look like one of the Proclaimers." 

J: They seem like nice lads. 

H: I also proclaim all the time. 

J: "Hank looks like the male protagonist of a young adult urban fantasy novel."

H: "John's nose looks like a pristine piece of plastic." 

J: "Is it me, or does Hank look like the guy from the Welch's grape commercials and other Food Network shows?" 

H: [laughs] Alton Brown.

J: This is why you never do a commercial. Because forever after, no matter what else you've done in your life, you're the Welch's Grape guy. 

H: Also, apparently that's one of the Food Foodork shows?

J: Yeah, of course. There are so many commercials on linear television, it IS essentially its own show. 

H: "John Green looks like Megamind with hair." 

J: I look way more like Bernard from Megamind. Way more. I look -- 

H: Oh, yeah.

J: -- exactly like Bernard from Megamind. 

H: I mean, I search "Bernard from Megamind," and like on the third line is a picture of you next to Bernard from Megamind. 

J: "Normally I think Hank looks pretty old, but next to John he looks like a young man."

H: [laughs] "Is it weird that I think John looks like a young Santa Claus?" 

[both laugh]

H: You're not old, you're like a young Santa Claus. 

J: [laughs]

H: "John looks like a tired man trying to look wide awake." 

J: Yeah. 

H: Me too. 

J: "Hank looks like Scott Pilgrim." 

H: "John's hair looks like the dust from under my bed." 

J: "If you turn off the volume on one of Hank's videos, it looks like he's conducting an orchestra."  

H: [laughs]

[Orchestra music plays while the boys gesture wildly]

H: "John low-key looks like Tom Hanks." 

J: I'll take it. "In that sunglasses, sport coat, t-shirt combination, Hank looks like every guy who works at a start-up, and whose title is VP of something or other, and likes to talk about company culture."

H: Too close!!! 

J: Too real. 

H: There was a whole separate category of "looks like," and that's what John Green looks like when he has a mustache. 

J: Mmm-hmm. 

H: Let me go through it for you. 

J: Great. 

H: "John Green looks like the guy you glance at at Walmart." 

J: [laughs] 

H: "John Green looks like an 80s substitute teacher with that 'stache, and I don't hate it." 

J: [still laughing]

H: "John Green, international best-selling author and Ned Flanders double." 

J: [still laughing]

H: "With that mustache combo, John Green looks like the protagonist from the movie Her." 

J: [still laughing]

J: "...the guy you glance at at Walmart" might be the greatest burn I've ever received in my whole life. 

H: [laughing]

J: All right, we have to go to a wedding now. 

H: We have to go to a wedding now! 

J: Get your Pizzamas stuff at

H: John, I will continue to see you now. 

J: Prob -- yeah, that seems about right.