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Sharman Apt Russell talks about her experiences with citizen science and Jessi from Animal Wonders joins the show with Fluffy the Chilean Rose Tarantula.

Special Thanks to Marty Brown at OSU Press.

To read Diary of a Citizen Scientist, or to learn more from Sharman Apt Russell, check out these links:

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Hank: Hello and welcome to the SciShow talk show, it's that day on SciShow when we talk to interesting people about interesting stuff. Today that interesting person is Sharman Apt Russell who is a nature writer, has been writing books for a long time and just won the John Burrows award for..  eh, what is that award for?

Sharman: Well they call it distinguished nature writing,

H: Oh well that's pretty good.

S: Becuase it's an award that started in 1926, so it's a little stuffy.

H: Oh! Old school.

S: Yeah! Old School.

H: So you're now distinguished, it happened. Congratulations.

S: That's right it was bestowed on me. I'm really grateful, thank you.

H: You are a writer an professor?

S: Yep, I'm a professor of writing, I'm ehh a long term writer and teacher of writing. But I write about nature, I write about Science, I write about anything that interests me, that tends to be nature and science.

H: I have become kind of a professional writer in my life, now, which is wonderful. I also am basically, I haven't taken a science course in a long long time, heven't practiced science in a long long time but I eh. It's very cool that you have found ways to mix those things. And this book it is called Diary of a Citizen Scientist, and its about your work as a citizen scientist and sort of general work as a citizen scientist.

S: Its about my work and its an overview of the field, because it's relatively new and I think it's really exciting and so I wanted to give the breadth and depth of the field right now. But I also wanted to talk about my, you know, project and how it got me outside more and how it got me more engaged and how it entered into my life in a wonderful way.

H: So when did that start for you?

S: Well I started doing citizen science over, you know, a decade ago.

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