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Pre-order our book YOU ARE AN ARTIST (which includes new assignments!) here: We continue our stay at Mildred's Lane and talk to it's Director and Ambassador of Entanglement J. Morgan Puett about it's origins, it's goals and how her installation art practice influences her vision for the site.

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J. Morgan Puett: I'm not sure exactly what it is when people first come to Mildred's Lane and there's such a range or emotions from.. you know, an urban-raised person suddenly being in a wild little wilderness of a landscape like this to people who just love people because the place itself is about people.

It's not a residency, it's not a retreat, we're all working, we're researching, we're active. Every aspect of life is a rigorous engagement with the banal. So at Mildred's Lane we make that a creatively charged practice. From washing dishes out in the landscape to cooking a meal over an open fire to learning how to clean out a toilet properly. Everything is rigorous, whimsical, fun, engaged, and we do it together.

Mildred is one of nine children that grew up in this house we call Mildred's House. From the years 1902 through about 1987. When I arrived into this landscape, it was so manicured by a little old man who was Mildred's nephew, it was as if Mildred had just walked out the door and went down the road. I fell in love. I fell in love like how people fall int love with each other. I fell in love with this landscape. I've grown up as an installation artist, my whole life, studying disciplines form painting, sculpture, filmmaking, but it was this place that really... took my heart away as an installation artist. I think of it as a 96 acre installation project.