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my name is dr. Lindsey doe I'm a doctor of human sexuality clinical sexologist and the host of this sex curious show Sexplanations today's episode is about infections you can get from having sex and I've included images of puppies and other small animals to keep you motivated I also have this home testing kit from our partner and sponsor let's get checked to learn if I have any sexually transmitted infections or sti's I'll tell you how to get one with the discount code at the end of this video I've had a wart on my knuckle lots of viral and bacterial infections in my throat cold flu strep my guts have been infected through questionable foods leading to diarrhea my hair follicles get infected from shaving pimples on my face those are infections the worst has probably been herpes a family of viruses.

I've had it as chicken pox shingles and cold sores on my lips and up my nose very painful but easy to talk about we can say things like Dimitri's got food poisoning or Yvonne's at a doctor's appointment for a sinus infection I picked up some sort of crud and I can't wait until it's passed in comparison infections that we get below the belt sexually related ones carry all sorts of shame and secrecy people don't talk openly about warts on their ball sacks or rash on their dick they don't say can you look at my vagina and see if it's inflamed which means a lack of communication to get treatment and reduce transmission to others let's talk puppy more than 80% of sexually active people get an STI at some point in their lives half of us get one by age 25 so think of ten people who've had sex five to eight of them have had or currently have one or more infections from sex that's from any kind of contact sex dry humping oral sharing toys rubbing genitals penetration of the anus or vagina puppy some STI s are passed from skin-to-skin contact others need access to a mucous membrane the slimy parts of your body like your mouth and anus and there are some sti's that travel through fluids I'm going to go through 13 of the most common sexually transmitted infections I'll mark how they're passed detail how to prevent them and explain what testing for them is like puppy HIV human immunodeficiency virus which can lead to. AIDS gets into the body through blood seminal fluid which includes semen and pre-cum vaginal fluid and breast milk then it sets up shop in the t-cells or what I like to call the captains of the immune system.

HIV uses these cells to reproduce and destroys them in the process weakening the immune system and making the body more susceptible to other kinds of infections it would usually be able to fight off now getting this virus is 100% preventable there's lots of hot hot sex you can have without exchanging fluids and transmitting HIV using condoms and dams can prevent transmission and if you're at high risk there's pre exposure prophylaxis and post exposure prophylaxis to help papí hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver caused by a virus that is spread through the body fluids in this case the unprotected sex fluids some people get hepatitis and clear it on their own other times that can lead to liver damage liver failure and liver cancer so condoms and dams are again super useful and I would recommend the vaccine for heavy Bobby cankered is a bacterial infection that spreads skin-to-skin from infected fluids specifically around the genitals tankards their little red bumps on the anus penis scrotum labia and or thighs that becomes sores or ulcers after a few days you can cure canker aid with medication or surgery and you'll want to because it can make urinating and defecating uncomfortable and cause swelling and scarring preventing it condoms dams and getting treated before having sexual relations puppies oh my gosh your puppies trichomoniasis is caused by a parasite called trichomonas vaginalis a great drag name it's passed between genitals mainly penis to vulva and vulva to vulva if there are symptoms they include itching burning abnormal discharge redness soreness and/or pain during sex puppy like most STI is though trick can be asymptomatic have no symptoms so you don't know you have it unless you get tested and you can definitely still transmit it to others and back and forth between you and partners unless you use condoms and damps another puppy HPV the human papilloma virus is one of the most common STI is out there almost everyone who is sexually active will have it at some point in their lives this is because it's difficult to detect hard to treat and very easy to spread it's passed through skin-to-skin contact easy some people won't know they have it but for others it can cause warts to grow on the vulva vagina cervix rectum anus penis and/or scrotum there are also strains that can lead to cancer of the cervix penis mouth and throat on the positive side 90% of cases clear on their own in two to three years and there are vaccines on the market that can prevent some strains of HPV puppies B's is a viral infection most people get as children from being kissed on the mouth by an infected relative this is usually herpes simplex virus 1 or HSV 1 cold sores you get around them out HSV 2 is typically genital and doesn't have a nice euphemism but you can get it on the mouth and you can get HSV one on the genitals both are passed from skin-to-skin contact and both can stress a person out which doesn't help because stress can instigate outbreaks just like windburn lots of sun exposure citrus and other acids like vaginal fluid again herpes is very common and an infection above the neck can be the same as the one below the waist definitely tell people whether or not you have it communication can reduce transmission rates but don't take on any shame about having herpes please is it puppy chlamydia is the most common report of STI in the u.s. it's a bacterial infection passed through vaginal anal and oral sex it can cause discharge bleeding burning pain swelling and an urge to urinate more quick puppy most of the time though there are no symptoms if you don't know you have it and you don't get treated easily with antibiotics it can cause bigger problems like pelvic inflammatory disease scarring and infertility and if you're not wearing condoms using dams and playing with separate toys for separate people chlamydia can spread and spread and the people who get it can spread it further leading to the United States of America having the highest STI rates in the industrialized world puppy I'm not upset with anyone for having an infection I'm sad that there isn't more education to prevent transmission and more access to health care so that getting diagnosed and treated is simple health care puppies gonorrhea is another bacterial infection and it's a public health crisis according to the World Health Organization they're more than 78 million new cases of gonorrhea each year and now the bacteria has evolved to survive antibiotics so some strains can't be treated they hang out in the throat vagina anus and penis getting stronger my understanding is that gonorrhea can for lack of a better word learn drug resistance from other bacteria in your body so it's not just like oh penicillin. I can figure this out tink-tink resists gonorrhea has playbooks for almost every antibiotic we have bummer take your antibiotics correctly and completely get tested and treated and use barriers 5 more st ives and more puppies sanzu cute syphilis this one has been around for a long time historically people tried to treat with mercury but ended up doing additional damage to their bodies and dying anyway it's a bacterial infection so it can actually be treated with antibiotics but that's only if you know to seek treatment Stage one is painless sores on the genitals anus or mouth they heal up so people don't think to do anything about them do something three to six weeks later is stage two reddish patches on the skin called copper penny rash flu-like symptoms swollen lymph nodes and fatigue next is a latent stage syphilis goes into remission for up to 30 years there's no outward signs anything is wrong but you can still be contagious but if left untreated the final stage of syphilis can entail paralysis loss of eyesight loss of hearing dementia and death all the same prevention tools work here treatment communication and safer sex puppies puppies puppies scabies or itchy mites if you find yourself infected it is imperative that you wash everything and then cook it all in a dryer scabies are considered a sexually transmitted infection because you can give and get them from having sex but you can also pick them up from clothing bedding and furniture scabies side can treat an infection on the body just make sure to hold off on sex for a good three days to make sure you're in the clear puppies without scabies pubic lice is another type of parasitic infection that is transmitted by touching people and things that people who have pubic lice have touched with their genitals this one is all about the coarse hair of the pubic region and blood prevention is really about treatment here and treatment is usually lice shampoo washing your belongings and or whatever measure your medical provider recommends how some puppies and ducklings molluscum contagiosum is an STI that can spread through sharing towels in addition to skin-to-skin and sexual contact if you get it they're usually tiny harmless bumps on the skin most of the time they go away on their own but some people will ask a medical provider to remove them or give them medicine to hurry the process along prevention is treatment and communication bacterial vaginosis some consider it an STI others don't it's the most common infection in vaginas but it isn't certain if it's from sexual contact do research see a medical provider but don't douche with apple cider vinegar please look at this puppy going to a medical provider is the best way to know if something needs attention in your body they can make physical observations and put everything in the context of your unique system and medical history they can also test you and get things set up to inform anyone possibly exposed to STI is that they need to get tested to testing is really simple this is a home kit that was sent to me there's collection instructions with pictures first activate the test on their website let's get checked calm prep the lab sticker collect the samples urine and blood package it all up and put it in the mail the same day this one is their most expensive but it's also going to test me for ten different infections and send me results by email in two to five days if you think you have an STI or even if you don't think you have one but you've been sexual with someone else it's okay to do more research go to at-home testing org slash Sexplanations choose the test that best suits your needs and will get tested together using the code Lindsay 15 will get you 15% off but even without a discount it's a great deal and a convenient way to know and share your results stay curious you puppy sleeping puppy eating puppy playing you need more puppies have more puppies.