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We arrived home to a somewhat attention-starved kitty and a package from a friend with an "eggling" in it. That's all...
Hank: Yes. We got an eggling. For our cat. 
Katherine: Something I've never heard of!
Hank: What are you doing kitty?
Katherine:  I don't care I want to rub on you.
Hank: [puts on voice] I missed you guys! [normal voice] You crack it with a spoon.
[crack noise]
Katherine: Apparently you have to hit it harder than that.
[crack noise]
Katherine: Oh dear! 
Hank: Good gracious. Went all over everywhere.
Katherine: That's not what I was expecting.
Hank: Me either.
Katherine: I think it's made of terracotta, so..
Hank: It is definitely not made of egg, like I thought it would be.
Katherine: [Silently] Yeah, there we go.
Katherine: It's got some kind of growth medium in there.
[Hank singing Skullcrusher Mountain by Jonathan Coulton]
Hank: Put a plant in there, and then-
Katherine: So weird...
Hank: And then it grows. You plant, in the seed packet. And then, and then it grows. That all I can really- that's all I can really say about that. 
[Katherine clears throat]
Hank: Oh, that's a lot of instructions.
Katherine: First I have to water it. 
Hank: Oh, water it first. That's the egg pieces. This is the instructions for taking care of Cameo. Somewhat complicated.
[Talking to Cameo]
Where are you kitty? [Whispering] Where are you? Where are you? There you are! Hi. Come into the light. Yes, good kitty- Oh, oh, rub on it. Hi. We're home! We're home, kitty. Rub it- Hi, hi- Oh, ohh, ohhh, you love me so much. But I can't get any good video if you're just rubbin' on me!
[On the floor with Cameo]
Psst psst psst psst, c'mere! C'mere, c'mere. Oh, what was that? Oh, you wanna play. Is that what you want? Oh, you wanna play while laying down? Oh, I see. Okay. Well, that's fine. Because you're a lazy- Lazy bones. Hi! Welcome home. I mean, welcome me home. You've been here. You're so cute! Cute kitty! Kit-kitty! Kit-kit-kit-cute- Ohh, yes, get it. It's crinkle string! Crinkle string! You're like, "Okay, I'm tired of that." Here- Next thing.
[Hank walks over to Katherine]
Hank: Great, you watered it.
Katherine: I watered it!
Hank: Okay.
[Hank points the camera at the eggling]
Katherine: Oh.
Hank: Hm?
Katherine: What?
Hank: Hmm?
Katherine: There were some seeds in there already?
Hank: Why are there are already seeds in there?
Katherine: I don't- I don't know. I can't read all this bullshit!
Hank: It's long.
[Hank laughs]
Katherine: [Laughs] I don't wanna read instructions! Ahhhh!
Hank: Alright, this is approaching the limit of the length of my videos.
[Katherine groans as Hank keeps talking]
I am going to stop, and we are going to make this, and I will show it to you later when there's lavender growing out of it.
Katherine: Okay.
Hank: Much later.
Katherine: Yeah, it might be a couple weeks.
Hank: Yeah. Donk!