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I give Lydia her birthday present. It doesn't go quite as planned.

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Lizzie: [Yawns] Sorry. I'm kind of a mess. It's been an active weekend. When Lydia does a birthday, she does it extensively. 
My name's Lizzie Bennet, and I have been celebrating for four straight nights. 

[Intro plays] 

Lizzie: I never really thought that Lydia turning 21 would be any different than her being any other age. She has insisted on going to Carter's every night for the last three nights. I get tired! 
But it's not like I could let her go alone; someone has to make sure she doesn't max out her credit cards or wind up partying with the wrong people. She is my sister. 

Lydia: Hi, hi hi, hi hi hi, hi hi. So, it's only four days after my birthday, which basically means it's still my birth week, which means we are going to Carter's for more party time. Woo!

Lizzie: You know you had an actual party, right?

Lydia: A.K.A the most awesomest party ever? Um, yeah, of course I know. Although I don't remember most of it; I was pretty-

Lizzie: Maybe you shouldn't tell the Internet all your birthday shenanigans.

Lydia: Since when are you all about not telling the internet stuff?

Lizzie: A little discretion never hurt anyone, that's all I'm saying. 

Lydia: Whatevs. Okay, go get dressed, because for realsies we are going out, and I care about you way too much to let you wear that out of the house.

Lizzie: You should be nice to me, or I won't give you your birthday present.

Lydia: Birthday present? Can I open it now? Please? Please? I've been waiting for three days. Please. Please please.  

Lizzie: Okay, but stay here. You can't know my super secret gift hiding spot.
Okay, I'm really sorry that it's late, but it's something. 

Lydia: Yay, I knew you'd get me something awesome - thank you!
This is nice. I like it. 

Lizzie: That one's from me and Jane.

Lydia: Oh my gosh, I love it, it's so pretty. Thank you Lizzie! Thank you Jane! Look - I miss you, thanks!

Lizzie: And this one's just from me. 

Lydia: 'Where Did I Park My Car: A Party Girl's Guide to Becoming a Successful Adult." [laughs] You're so good at joke gifts.

Lizzie: It's not a joke gift.

Lydia: Oh.

Lizzie: Y-you know, I thought you' re 21 now, and- and a new year might be a good time for you to find that new, more grown up Lydia.

Lydia: Pfft. Being grown up is totes squaresville, sis. 

Lizzie: Well, it doesn't have to be - there's plenty of upsides to being a mature, responsible adult. Maybe it would be good for you not to be so energetic all the time.

Lydia: Energetic.

Lizzie: Yeah, I think that's a good word for you. Energetic!

Lydia: Why...because Darcy used it? When he was talking about how terrible me and Mom are?

Lizzie: No, no. Not- not in the same- no. 

Lydia: And so you must also think that I am an embarrassment to everyone and clearly never think before I speak - that's what Caroline said about me, right?

Lizzie: Of course not. I mean yes, that's what Caroline said about you, but that's not- I don't see you that way. Sometimes, people form hasty impressions, and while they may not be completely accurate it can be useful to understand how people came to those conclusions so you can change the way people see you, if you want to.

Lydia: So you want me to change.

Lizzie: Well, everyone has to change, Lydia, it's part of growing up. It's not always a bad thing.

Lydia: Right. Right. I'm sure you also gave Dad a book on how to better manage our finances. Did Mom get one on not being too involved in her daughter's lives?

Lizzie: It's not the same-

Lydia: What about Jane - any words of wisdom for our beloved older sister? [pause] No, nothing. Just me, then. You know, you hate Darcy. And Caroline.

Lizzie: I'm not saying they're right, I'm-

Lydia: You're taking their side over mine? I'm your freaking-

Lizzie: That's not how I meant- I didn't mean that. 

Lydia: Yeah. I think I know what you meant. Thanks. 

Lizzie: I was not trying to be mean. Lydia, if you're watching these, I was not trying to be mean. I love Lydia... I just.. I worry about her. And yes, okay, it does suck that Darcy and Caroline used my family to get Bing to leave. But I'm not saying they're right, or that it's Lydia's fault - I'm just - I don't know, it just sucks. We live in a very judgmental world, and our lives are very public now - which is partly my fault - but I don't want Lydia's reputation to close doors for her in the future, and she needs to be aware of that. She's not a kid anymore. I meant well; that counts for something, right?

[Outro plays]