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In which Hank talks about VidCon...sorry, it's sold out!

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Good morning, John, it's Friday July 2nd, a mere two weeks from VidCon. What's that? 6 days? I'm sorry to say this but there is no space in here for anything except VidCon.

I want to tell some fascinating tale about brain chemistry or the peculiarities of human psychology but John, it's not in there. There's nothing in there. Except for VidCon; I got VidCon stuff in there, this is a floor plan of the hotel. I can. You can see where the vendors are going and if you look closely you can see it all written down in there. The code is my own personal code so you probably wouldn't be able to decipher it even if I exported in 1080p which I probably not going to.

I'm sorry that I have to talk about VidCon 'cause I feel bad for all the people not coming, and I'm sorry to all of you to talk about this again when obviously you can't get a ticket because it's sold out.

So let's try and something at least a little bit fun with my one track mind right now. Let's do VidCon, by the numbers!

1227: the number of people who have paid VidCon registrations.

2: the number of press interviews I have done in the last week, one was for the Toronto Global Mail y'all. Torontons keep a look out for that.

1: the number of local news shows that I, Charlie McDonnell and iJustine will be on in L.A. on Tuesday the 6th, tune to K.C.L.A. if you live in L.A. otherwise we'll probably just rip it off the T.V. and put it on YouTube.

1165: the number of e-mails I have personally sent from the e-mail address. That's a lot of e-mails.

1516: the total number of e-mail threads on the I'm very sorry to all of those 300 people who I did not respond to for on reason or another.

93: the numbers of speakers and performers at who will be speaking and performing at VidCon.

24: the number of YouTube employees who purchased a ticket to VidCon.

40,000: the number of dollars that the hotel wanted to charge us to have wireless internet, which is why there is no wireless internet at VidCon.

30: the number of official VidCon branded Flip cameras that Flip is donating to VidCon to give away as prizes.

37: the number of bulk boxes of granola bars that we purchased so that people could have snacks in their tote bags.

3: the number of simultaneous livestreams the we will hopefully be having streaming at the same time during the entire conference.

50 billion: the number of videos and daily-booth posts and tweets and blog posts and pod-casts that I expect to pour onto the internet during those three days.

And finally, 15,000: the number of playpen balls that we purchased to have a real live ball pit at VidCon.

Okay, hopefully I did not disappoint you, I only made you excited about how awesome online video is and despite the fact that not everyone can be there obviously what we can be is a really strong and amazing community despite the fact that my phone is ringing.

That makes me think of another one, I just looked it up. 250: the number of minutes I was over my allotted 750 minutes of talking time for the month of June, grrr! But as I was saying online video is in the end about online not in the real world so those of you who can't come it's okay it'll be on the Internet. And for those of you who really want to come, you know maybe, maybe, maybe we'll do this again, sometime, someday.

John, next time I make a video I will be in Los Angeles hopefully having an awesome time already, John, I will see you on Monday.