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In which Hank dissects a local news report about himself (ok, mostly about John).


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Rob Johnson: If you are a fan of YouTube, you probably know who these guys are. Two brothers who are an internet sensation.

Hank: INTERNET SENSATION B**CH! (Intro)   H: It says so right there. Internet sensation! Everyone on YouTube watches us.

There's no one who doesn't. Obviously I'm enough of an internet sensation that I've just taped several pieces of blue construction paper behind me so I can do blue screen stuff.   In general, I should probably say that I'm not a very big fan of local news. I kinda feel like it would be cool if more people watched this video on YouTube than they did on television – just as, you know, a way to prove that we are better than they are – but, I gotta say, I kinda like this local news report because it's about me.

Actually, now that I think about it it's kinda mostly about John. Hmm.   Nonetheless, though I did enjoy this report, there are several factual inconsistencies that I would like to comment on. And a couple of other things that aren't factual inconsistencies that I would also like to comment on.

And so I hope you'll enjoy this broadcast from Chicago's local news and Susan Carlson doing great reportage, and a little bit of commentary from me.   On with the show!   R: And as CBS 2 Susan Carlson reports, nerds are rejoicing.   Susan Carlson: Orlando natives John and Hank Green agreed to stop texting each other last year-   H: Texting makes it sound like we agreed to stop text-messaging each other last year which is not the case at all. Textual communication is different from texting, Susan. Gah.   S: And instead communicated only through video blog, or 'vlog'.   J: I’m at Mom and Dad’s house: the last residence in the United States of America with dial-up internet.   H: Oh my God, John, you used to talk so slow!   S: To their surprise, the public communication resulted in a YouTube sensation.

To date, 13.5 million viewers-
  H: Thirteen point ni- nine million viewers. What was- What was I doing? Nerdfighters!   S: -have logged on to watch their videos which have an underlying message.   J: I think that we’re trying to bring people who feel like they’re on the outside-   H: Internet celebrity!

Internet celebrity… I think that's hilarious.   J: Into a place where they feel like they’re on the inside.   S: John was already a successful author with a teen set, but his fame skyrocketed through the internet. Having previously lived in Chicago, he was back at one of his old stopping grounds today-   H: Listen to those nerdfighters scream!   S: -the Harold Washington Library, promoting his books. The enthusiastic crowd included about 400 young adults, some of whom waited over two hours to meet the brothers.   H: Misses pink-haired DFTBA trucker cap.

I don’t remember your name and I’m sorry for that, but you win today’s non-existent nerdfighter prize because you are awesome.   S: Their fans, referred to as ‘nerdfighters’-   H: Now Susan, I am glad that you summoned up the courage to actually speak the word nerdfighters, but really the velociraptor air quotes were not necessary. Nerdfighters… nerdfighters. Nerdfighters.

Agggh.   S: Aren’t obsessed with Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake-   H: Just to be clear, that is not entirely true. I kind of have a JT thing.   S: Instead, they’ve latched onto someone they say they can relate to.   Sydney Birnbaum: Having someone who has so much in common with me, like valuing reading and education and thinking it’s cool.   H: NERDFIGHTERS!   Man: They're very real and they understand people.   H: NERDFIGHTERS!   John Lee: As a parent, the message they’re sending is a real strong one about young people in today’s America growing up as individuals.   H: Parental nerdfighters!   S: After a year of video messages only, the brothers are communicating in other ways again, but they say the vlogs will continue.   J: We’ll do it for as long as people will watch it, I think.   H: John, you and I didn't discuss that little bit before you announced it to the world, but, you know, okay.   S: Susan Carlson, CBS 2 news.   H: This is Hank Green, reporting for WWTF news, Nerdfighteria.