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1:14 - Could you guys cover some of the myths surrounding chiropractic 'benefits'? You've covered supplements a lot, and that's great, but I'd love to hear evidence for/against other commonly-touted "cures".

3:11 - Is there a significant risk of long-term damage from Raynaud's syndrome?

4:55 - I've had a lot of acne on my back and chest. Can you explain why some get acne and others don't? What sort of preventative measures could be taken to reduce the amount of acne I have?

7:05 - Your episode on artificial sweeteners reminded me of the demonization of MSG/Flavor enhancer 621. What does the research say about the health effects of frequent MSG consumption?

9:03 - Are there any health risks related to consuming moderate levels of diet soft drink beverages? I know aspartame doesn't have long term effects on health but what about other ingredients in diet sodas.

12:38 - What is a good high fat substitute for whole milk for 1-2 year olds who are vegan or allergic to milk?

14:23 - In your opinion which country has the best healthcare system?

15:54 - What are the differences between a DO and an MD? Did you ever consider doing a DO instead? Is there any evidence for DO base practices?

18:48 - As a mildly underweight person trying to gain weight by eating more. Can eating too much be counter productive? Should I try eating as many calories as possible or focus on a bigger but balanced diet?

21:44 - Is there any credence to the claims that drinking alkaline or ionized water is better for you than tap?
22:38 - Why does my pediatrician insist on no egg whites for my 9-month-old? With studies proving allergen avoidance doesn't work, and an unremarkable family history, what's the point of avoiding egg whites?

24:39 - Is it harmful or beneficial to eat gold/silver leaf used in garnishing desserts?

25:26 - How bad is it to take expired medications?

25:37 - Why did you not talk about the antibiotics that go to livestock when talking about antibiotic resistance?

27:26 - What behaviors if any have been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's?

27:56 - Is napping healthy?

28:16 - Depression and other mental disorders run in our family. What can be done to minimize the impacts of these disorders in children?

28:45 - Physicians I've talked to are strongly against using informatics tools in medicine such as decision support systems. Do you have insight into why they believe this and what do you believe about this?

29:55 - I've seen discussions about coritsol production during exercise. Is there a level of physical activity where there should be concerns about generating too much cortisol, thus stressing out the body?
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