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John Green, author of Paper Towns, consults Teen Vogue’s cover star Nat Wolff about developing a character for his newest story. We’ll let you sort out the rest.

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Nat Wolff and Author John Green Do Character Work | Teen Vogue The Cover
John: Good to see you. Hey, I have a pro... Woah! I didn't know we had a thing. I didn't know, I didn't know we had a whole... OK. I didn't know we had a whole thing. I have a prob... I have a prob... I have a prob... I have a problem.

Nat: Yeah. What's up?

J: So I'm working on a new story. It's about tunnels, mostly about tunnels. It's also a little bit about, like, the problem of being a person.

N: Is it a new movie?

J: Well it's a book but there's a character I keep thinking about...

N: I don't read books so I need...

J: Yeah I know. But they'll make a movie of it and then they'll write a script and then you'll memorize your lines.

N: I can't wait to see the movie of it. Oh, I'm gonna be in the movie?

J: I hope so. So there's this character, there's this character, I keep thinking about you every time I think about the character.

N: OK.

J: Uh, he's kind of a villain but, like, complicated handsome. Yeah. Hold it like that. No.

N: Maybe I could be like a John Green type voice.

J: More Russian. More Russian.

N: More Ru... Like (Accent) "Hello, I'm John Green."

J: Is that a British person with a frog in their throat?

N: Well, it's like a John Green but if you grew up in England.

J: None of this is helping me at all.

N: (Accent) Mate, I wrote The Fault In Our Stars.

J: You know what, I think I'm just gonna...

N: (Accent) I also the Paper Towns.

J: No...

N: (Accent) I'm a novelist and I have a Crash Course online.

J: This is only making this...

N: (Accent) And I do, you know "Hi Hank, It's Tuesday in England". (Other accent) It's-a Tuesday!

J: Oh God. You cannot do accents. I love you.

N: (Accent) OK! OK!

J: How... What is it like that...

N: (Accent) Hello. Falling in love is like falling asleep. Slowly then all at once.

J: Your accents are so bad you're kill...

N: Is that a quote?

J: No. You're killing the vibe. I've got the guy. I'm gonna go. I gotta go. Bye.

N: (Accent) You talking to me? I'm John Green. Falling in love is like falling asleep. Slowly then all at once. Hey Hank, it's Tuesday. (Normal) John, I think I got it! I think I got it! Hey John, I got it!

The end

J: You know, I just... Huh!

N: Oh s !

J: Oh God.

N: Um, John Green. Can't take him anywhere.