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Featuring Franchesca Ramsey, Kingsley, Jus Reign, Nathan Zed (The Third Pew), Cassey Ho, and Timothy DeLaGhetto.

Diverse representation is not just important, but audiences love it! So when it comes to YouTube, how does race play a role in a creator’s content, audience reach and success? And does it even matter? Join us for a chat with some of YouTube’s most successful and diverse creators from the world of beauty, music and comedy.

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Franchesca: Hello, friends! Welcome to our Race and Representation on YouTube panel. I'm so excited about the people on this panel. Hi, hi! So please join me in welcoming Kingsley to the stage. Cassey Ho, Jus Reign, Nathan "The Third Pew" Zed, and Tim DeLaGhetto.

Hey, how are you guys doing?

Panelists: Good.

Franchesca: So, the goal of this panel is really to kind of talk about the different types of representation on YouTube, and I was really inspired because on television we're seeing so many different people of color on so many awesome shows, and it's so cool that our community has the ability to kind of make new content and tell their own stories, and that's why I'm so inspired by all of you.

So the first question that I want to know is: how has your race or ethnicity played a role in your content and do you think that that's helped you connect with your audiences?

Tim: Uh, yes. Oh hi, how you guys doing? It's good to be here. Yeah, definitely for me because I've been on YouTube for a really long time and I feel like the key to being on YouTube in the beginning was being Asian. It was the key, like, KevJumba was poppin, Ryan Higa was poppin. Everyone's like 'do you feel like being Asian helped?' and I'm like, yeah, a lot, because we didn't have Asian people on TV, and...

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