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Just, yeah, as the title says. We were in Seaside Florida when we saw this adorable little guy (I think it's a young fox squirrel, not a gray) having the time of his life playing around in the park. Pretty sure it was healthy, just young and playing. First it chewed a seedling oak out of the ground and played with that. Then it found a bit of wood and that was just as good.

The voices are me, Katherine, and her parents in the background.
Hank: *laughter*

Katherine: ---- baby, playing with a stick. ... *laughter* *indistinguishable vocalizations of squirrel cuteness*

Katherine: What is going on?

Katherine's Mom: ...ever seen a squirrel do this?

Hank: No.

Katherine's Mom: Must be -----

Hank: Are you rabid? ... Are you a rabid squirrel? ... Oh my god.

All: *laughter*

Katherine's Dad: What is it chewing?

Hank: ---- it's got a stick.  ... What was that? ... What are you doing? ... What? ... Why? ... Why are you doing that? ... Oh my god, you're so cute.

Katherine: ---- (will you?) be my squirrel?