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I'm Dr.

Lindsey Doe, a clinical sexologist and sex enthusiast. This episode of Sexplanations all about our sexual spots is sponsored by [WHIP CRACKING, COUGH].

There are erogenous zones designated by the following letters: G, P, A, F, U, C, K. G is the most well-known, on the anterior wall of the vagina. It stimulates the same embryonic tissue as a prostate in people assigned male at birth.

P is the posterior fornix, the fleshy part behind the cervix. A is the anterior fornix the flesh part in front of it. F is for the frenulum where the foreskin of the penis was or is attached to the head.

U is just above the urethra between the urethra and the clitoris. C refers to the cervix. And K is at the top of the butt crack -- which is an external way to stimulate the prostate.

The two I want to focus on are G and A. First, G, named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg.

Doctors John Perry and Beverly Whipple who identified the tissue in the 1970s named it after Grafenberg for his research on how the urethra relates to orgasm and the general awesomeness of him inventing the IUD birth control method. The g-spot is not noticeable in all bodies. Some think it's not anatomically different than any of the tissue around it.

There are people who think it's not real. And others who swear by it. I treat it like a constellation.

A way to understand and locate celestial objects. In terms of the g-spot that's the Skene's gland now referred to as the female prostate, the front wall of the vagina, the urethra, blood vessels, nerve endings, muscles, and parts of the internal clitoris. The clitourethrovaginal complex.

Sensitive and often associated with expelling fluids. By massaging the G-spot, you can stimulate the Skene's gland or “female” prostate, and in many cases this will facilitate ejaculation and or squirting. It's about two inches in on the anterior wall of the vagina, and it's much easier to find when the body is aroused.

You could describe it as slightly bumpier or ribbed than the walls around it. Something like this fun vibrator is purposefully designed to really go at it. There are a lot of toys actually that have curves for this reason to get the G-spot, Grafenberg, Skene's gland, squirting!

Now let's talk about the a-spot, the anterior fornix. I had heard people mention the new big deal in sex but wasn't really curious about it until I'd experienced the sensation of it for myself. The best description I have for it is feeling like my vagina is being gently milked, there's this steady build up of pleasure, then… “I had the time my life, oh I never felt this way before…”.

Dr. Chua Chee Ann of Malaysia had been working with women suffering from painful sex due to insufficient stimulation and dryness. He wanted to find a “local reflex mechanism in the vagina that would induce a lubrication response.” Meaning a button of sorts to push so the vagina and vulva would become wet quickly and incite orgasm.

This is when he identified the a-spot and a way to stimulate the area so it really does work like a turn you on button -- within 20 seconds you're wet, in 1 minute you're coming. There's a class online you can take with specific instruction on how to apply the trademarked. A-Spot Stimulation Technique.

A beginner technique is the come hither motion across the erogenous zone. Pressure and movement repeatedly while keeping the feedback loop open so you learn if it's better to go deeper, faster, harder, or to move off the spot completely. This works for the g-spot too and can be replicated with toys like this one and this one and this one.

Get those spots! Or don't. We're all unique and have unique ways of experiencing pleasure.

What's important is finding what works for us and making sure others feel validated in their sexual experiences. Really, it's not about the G, P A F U C K spots. It's about exploring your own sexuality and understanding what feels good for you.

It's about staying curious. I highly recommend exploring Adam and Eve's website. Type g-spot in the search bar and pages of curvy tip toys will come up.

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