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In which Hank talks a tad bit more about Neil Gaiman thanks everyone for their help with banning book banning and clears up some confusion.


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Good morning, John, it's Thursday already! Jesus. May 3rd. (party blower tune, from many directions) (blows 5 at once, laughs) (Lets off poppers with confetti) Happy Birthday, Dad. There're a few things that I wanted to talk about last video that I didn't get to talk about. In one of them- t-t-two of, two of them actually- has to do with Neil Gaiman. First thing: I have in front of me a copy of his most recent publication, Fragile Things, which is a collection of excellent short stories. Katherine and I have been reading them to each other at night. And I wanted to share with you something from his introduction: "and on the subject of naming animals, can I just say how happy I was to learn that the word Yeti literally translated apparently means 'That thing, over there' Quick, brave Himalayan guide, what's that thing over there? Ah Yeti? I see. Second thing: apparently They Might Be Giants is doing the soundtrack to Coraline the movie. YES! Oh my God, that is so cool! Finding that out has made Neil Gaiman way way cooler in my book. So now you know how much I like They Might Be Giants. Now, onto things that don't have to do with Neil Gaiman. Katherine is not researching marijuana. Weed research, like she's doing research on weeds. Katherine is researching plant communities and how to eliminate invasive species like Spotted Nap Weed. The job starts in a couple of weeks, and it's going to be really weird to not have her around all the time. And finally, about the Bermudez Triangle, Maureen Johnson's now banned book. What the f--, It's not cool. But what is cool, is what happened to Brotherhood 2.0. I think that your video yesterday has had more comments than any other Brotherhood 2.0 video. So apparently people care more about book banning than they do about my obsession with Helen Hunt. Which is (chokes and coughs) definitely a good thing. Thank you all so much for standing up for the librarians, and for Maureen. Great work. Now, I think I may go out and buy the Bermudez Triangle because I want to see what all of the fuss is about. And, I think that's all, so John, I will see you tomorrow.