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I had to cut the video short...this is what happened immediately after the last cut in today's Vlogbrothers video. More outtakes soon.
[from Hank's Question Tuesday]
Hank: John, thank you for doing my first Question Tuesday ever with me.

John: It's been a privilege.

Hank: And I will see you... right now.

John: I will continue to see you.

Hank: Stop looking at me. Stop looking at me! You looking at me like that isn't helping!

John: That's the biggest fight that Hank and I had in the last year. During VidCon, a very stressful moment at VidCon, I looked at Hank, and he said, "You looking at me isn't helping!" And I was like, "Ah..."

Hank: You have this very intense stare.

John: I have eyes, and I don't know where to put them!

Hank: It was a very stressful moment! It seemed completely rational at the time!

John: If I close them... If I close them, I can't see where I'm walking. I'm sorry about my eyes.

Hank: That's not how you reacted.

John: No, I said...

Hank: He said, "Stop being an asshole."

John: I said, "Stop being an asshole." I might have even said, "You being an asshole isn't helping." All right...

Hank: Okay, bye...

John: Bye. DFTBA. Best wishes. Nyan cat. [meowing noises]