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In which Sabrina ( fills in for John this week and shows what the future has in store for Hank and his niece.
Good morning Hank. It's Tuesday. Yeah, I do say Tuesday weird. DEAL WITH IT!

If you didn't know, I'm the Nerd Factor Winner known as NerdyandQuirky. Hi.

Following the pattern formed by previous videos, I am not John. I am about as not John as possible. What I am is a 15-year-old, living in the modern era, experiencing teenage life and noticing all the unfortunate things my peers and I do. So, Hank, I'm here like a ghost in a Dickens novel to warn you about the annoying things your niece and nephew might do. At least according to [singing] STEREOTYPES! OPRAH HANDS!!

Friends and social life will basically become more important than anything else. I'm not being exclusive to social interactions that take place in "real life" because *pfft* that would probably involve going outside and let's be honest:

Responsible Sabrina: Sabrina, it's time for dinner.
Teenage Sabrina: *Hiss* Not now. Alex and I are re-writing The Book of Mormon.
Responsible Sabrina: Wha—?
Teenage Sabrina: I'll eat later.

Diets will range from eating no food the whole day to eating all the food in the world. Let me tell ya, if I'm left to my own devices, I will forget to eat the whole day until the sound of my stomach growling is louder than the YouTube video I'm watching. And then I'll microwave something, probably a bag of popcorn. Then I'll eat a bag of chips, then some crackers, probably some cheese. Then to counteract how salty that was, I'll probably eat some ice cream or cake. There's a science to it. The science of delicious.

Next, they will fangirl. This affects both genders. This fangirling may be targeted at people. Said people may be older than you. It's kind of weird, but don't worry too much about it.

Also, there will be a stage in life when meme quoting is done unironically.

Meme Sabrina: I'm staring straight into the sun, because... YOLO!!

Then it's gonna move to its ironic usage.

Meme Sabrina: Make bananas in the toaster... YOLO!

Then this usage will continue until it once again becomes unironic.

Meme Sabrina: Catching up on current events... YOLO!

There will also be slurred speech:
Cellphone Sabrina: Yeah, soItoldhimtoshutupbecauseCommunitiesareallyunderratedcomedyand [unintelligible] right?
Sabrina on the phone: You're so right!
Cellphone Sabrina: Yeah!

Bad Vision.

Internet Sabrina [Looking at Benedict Cumberbatch]: You are the prettiest thing I've ever seen in ever. [Looking at Robert Downey Jr.] No wait, I changed my mind. You are. [Looking at Rainbow Cake] No wait, changed my mind again.

Trouble Breathing.

Responsible Sabrina: How was your day?
Internet Sabrina: UGGGH *Falls onto bed*

Weird, these are starting to sound like medicine warnings. As if the very act of aging is like taking medicine. The experience is making us more mature and intelligent with possible negative side affects!

Internet Sabrina: *crying*

Did I actually just pull a metaphor out of that? YES I DID! *pfft* What do you mean it was a stretch? Excuse you! Who do you think I am? John Green?

Hank, I'll see you on Friday.