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Pizzamas 2020 IS HERE AT LAST:

In which John's mustache makes its annual return to celebrate the beginning of Pizzamas 2020 (and the end of the All Star Marathon). All our royalties from Pizzamas go to charity.

Proceeds from the mask and the circle t-shirt will go support Covid relief efforts around the world; the rest will go to support efforts to reduce child and maternal mortality in impoverished communities.

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Oh, I can finally title my video anything I want! I have unhitched my wagon from All Star.

Good morning, Hank. It's Monday. Do I have a mustache? Not only is it Monday, it's also Pizzamas. Everything's coming up Green, except for this moustache, of course. It's Pizzamas, a magical e-commerce holiday where for two weeks Hank and I make videos back and forth every weekday like it was 2007 all over again, and we sell lots of stuff with my mustachioed face on it, a reference to something from 2008 that I myself don't even remember. Let's just go with it!

All the Pizzamas stuff is available only during this Pizzamas, and all of our profits and royalties go to charity to support efforts to reduce childhood and maternal mortality in impoverished communities and iin the case of a couple things, also to support international COVID relief efforts.

Ok, now I get to do an unboxing. First off we have circles Pizza John, which brings together two of my favourite things - drawing tiny circles and having a moustache. Then we have this work of melancholic majesty in which I appear to be crying a tear made out of pizza. Oh my, I love it so much. It-it's my party. And I have a party hat. I mean, nature finds a create Pizza Johns. I guess in celebration of me going out into nature more, they made a shirt where I turn into nature. 

The seasons are changing, there's never been a better time for your Pizza John pullover hoodie, that says pizza on the sleeve. Ah, it's very comfortable.

By the way, can we talk about my moustache for a second? It's real bad. I mean, this is just catastrophic. Maybe it'll be better if I smile? Nope. That's worse.

Oh, I love this so much.  It's strange and beautiful, just like Pizzamas itself.  Oh my God, every time I see my mustache in the viewfinder, it's just--it's blinding.

Oh, look at this, it's a Pizza John tote bag from Pizza John's Pizza Parlor in Winner, South Dakota.  

Oh no.  Oh hahahahahahaah it's the-- hahahahahaha.  It's three me's howling at one moon.  It's Three John Moon.  Oh God.  I can't wait to go on tour again, Hank, so I can meet people wearing this shirt.  

Look at this, it's a fancy cool tie-dye Pizza John.  I think I'm gonna put this one on.  Oh, I like that quite a lot.  

Oh boy.  For all your Christmas wrapping needs!  There's some Pizza John wrapping paper.  

So here's the deal.  If you buy all the t-shirts, you get a discount, and then if you buy all of this year's Pizzamas stuff, you get an even bigger discount, and then you can wrap it up in your Pizza John wrapping paper and give it to a friend and they'll be so happy and they'll have t-shirts and a hoodie and lots of other things to get them through what may be a difficult winter.

We have some very attractive Pizza John crew socks.  Then we've got our pins for this year, choose wisely, because we've got a thin crust pin and a deep dish pin.  I'm a thin crust person, so I'm going, I'm going with that.

And it wouldn't be 2020 if we didn't have a Pizza John mask.  This is gonna be--oh, oh.  Oh yes.  Oh my God.  Ahh, I don't know what else to say.  I mean, the great thing about wearing this mask is that people will keep their distance.  

We also have other great Pizzamas stuff, including stickers and a fanny pack, so head over to right now to find it all.  It's only available for the next two weeks and remember, all our proceeds go to charity.  

Hank, happy Pizzamas!  Awoooo!  I will see you tomorrow.

p.s. Hank, there's one thing you didn't mention in your wonderful video about our All Star project, which is that it was all inspired by some YouTube comments, especially one from Maggie.   Five months ago, in the comments section to my video 'Hey Now', Maggie wrote, "I want Hank to title his next video 'You're an All-Star' and go through the rest of All Star's lyrics as video titles even if the contents have nothing to do with the title.  Seems like some vlogbrothers 2.0 nonsense and I'd be here for it."  

So to Maggie and the other people who made similar comments on that video five months ago, thank you, and also, you never know when you're gonna change the world with a YouTube comments.  

Okay, happy Pizzamas,, only for the next two weeks!  False sense of urgency!