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In which Hank shows off why Diablo III is still in Beta. Every once in a while there will be a strange occurance, but this, when the world just ended, was probably the weirdest glitch so far.
Hello and welcome to Hank Green plays Diablo III. This is a special edition of Hank Green plays Diablo III because I wanted to show you that this is in fact a beta. You can tell for one thing that it's extremely chunky right now, really low frame rate. And then I go and attack these zombies and nothing happens. Um, so that's, that's unfortunate. I'm still attacking the zombies despite the fact that I clicked away from attacking the zombies. This is, this is a restart moment.

We also have, uh, a cliff to nothing here where you get, there's nothing there. And if you come up here to where I need to go, to the next part of the level, the Cemetery of the Forsaken, it's just a cliff.

So that has been this very special episode of Hank plays Diablo III. Obviously I cannot continue playing Diablo III if this is going to be what the world is like. Sad for Kenneth, he's going to have to, uh, find something else to do. And I can't pick up this freaking dagger. Can't pick up the dagger!

And the weirdest part is that sometimes things will attack me. I'll just be standing here and then I will lose five health. No idea who's attacking me, can't see them. So yes, they still have a bit of a work to do. This is why the game is not out and released for everyone in the world. Um, Kenneth and I are going to go, you know, have fun in the real world I guess. Good bye.