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10th Anniversary Woodcut Prints:

Claire Emery is going to be at NerdCon Nerdfighteria to do a couple of woodcut demos if you're going to be there! You can see more of her work here:

The Many Plans to Reform Obamacare:

I did get asked some actual hard questions...and I even answered them...and then I looked back and the video was 12 minutes long...

Turns out answering just one hard quesiton on Vlogbrothers is hard enough, and that's not really the sprit of the Question Tuesday. I might edit those into smaller videos and put them on Twitter, Facebook and/or Hankschannel if I have time. Basically, hard questions are hard...

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Good morning John. I've been spending a lot of time going through the archives of the Vlogbrothers channel as we're doing our This Day in Vlogbrothers thing, link in the description to that, if you're curious what I'm talking about. But I noticed that the vast majority of Question Tuesday videos, they go to you John. And while this makes a certain amount of sense, 'cause you make videos on Tuesdays, I think it's a little bit unfair. So, today is Question Tuesday on a Friday, I asked people on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter to ask me hard questions. And here's the ones I got.

Are you going to answer this question first?
No! That was pretty easy, actually.

What is the new Republican health care plan all about?
Well, this, this is hard one, because there isn't a new Republican health care plan. They just want to keep all the good parts of Obamacare, but make it cost less by waving their hands around. But if you wanna get little bit less of a partisan hot take on this one, Healthcare Triage has an amazing and in-depth video on this. 

Is flying to space the fastest way for Superman to fly?
You know, I don't know too much about the physics of how Superman's supposed to work, so if, like, if air resistance is a really big deal for Superman, then maybe? But my feeling is that air resistance probably shouldn't matter to Superman too much, it's not like he's gonna get too hot. He seems pretty impervious. So probably, no, it's gonna take longer, like the further your radius is, the longer your circumference is. That's, that's how circles work. But I am not Superman's keeper, he can do it how ever he wants to do it.

How do you properly pronounce "thistle"?
You know, I'm not gonna lie to you, I don't know how to pronounce anything. Every time I get little bit confused, I just open up this app howjsay. He's just a man, who happens to have said, like, every word, so

J: Thistle/

What.. I mean, what do you want J to say?

J: Butt. But.. Butt. Butt But... anglerfishes. pooping. (Hank laughs)

Sorry, J, you're my whole world, thank you for doing that, that great work. 

When people come to VidCon, do they typically rent a car?
I don't know if they do, but they shouldn't because parking in Los Angeles is terrible, and so is driving. Get a cab to your hotel, you can probably walk to the convention center, if you need to, you can get a Uber anytime. 

How do you eat a pear without getting pear juice all up in your nose?
Annelise, I'm a huge connoisseur of pears, I love them all. Sometimes, I wanna get it all over. Sometimes, I want that. But if I don't, I get out a nice sharp knife and just swoop right down, and I make a little square of the core and then I'll, like, nibble on the core. And then just into strips and eat them and, oh, it's so good and mess free. You have to clean the knife and also maybe your plate that you put them on. But it's such a wonderful ritual way to spend time and the feeling of the knife going, just like, swoo, through that soft, soft part, like, yeah! I may get too excited about pears. I just realized that for the first time. 

Would Bernie have won?
For this question, let's have a guitar!

(Hank sings) Well I don't know and nobody else does, and if you think that you're sure, then you're wrong. It's too easy to be certain of things that can't be proven, so when you feel that way, sing this song!

How's Dave?
Well, if you're talking about the fish, Dave is less, less good. He can barely hold up his own string. But he's still floating.

How many cats is too many cats?
Well according to my cat, 2 cats would be too many cats. Which is terrible for me, because my actual answer is, like, maybe, eight? I like cats and pears. Cat, Pineapple, Apple, Pear. (laughs)

Is the "s" or the "c" silent in "Scent"?
Oh, that's weird. Because "cent" and "sent" and "scent" are all words. All right, I looked it up on the Online Etymology Dictionary, says that the "c" in "to scent" was added in the 17th century, because people felt like it! So, it's the "c", I think, that's silent.

Can this be the last question?

I have here with me, additionally, a bunch of the prints that Claire Emery made for us to celebrate our 10th year anniversary on YouTube. Hello llama, yeah. I got Claire to loan me this, so that I could show it off. This is the actual woodblock that is put into the press. And these actually degenerate as they are used, and so there's only certain amount before they lose their crispness and you just can't use them anymore. So when you do woodblocks, it's, it's definitionally a limited run. I love them. They smell good. I didn't know that they would smell good. But that's the thing. I'm, I just wanted to show you, me holding them in real life. So that you can see the paper and what it look like and how big they are and stuff. There's link in the description if you're interested in these. Thank for all your questions. 

And John, I'll see you on Tuesday.