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In which Hank goes behind the scenes with Wheatley and re-meets GLaDOS and they begin testing again
Okay, here I am. This is Hank Green playing Portal once again. I was just staring at Wheatley while he pooped. All right, he opened the door for me, and now we're heading through it. (Wheatley: No rail to tell us where to go!) Yeah, actually it's right there. (Wheatley: ... where are we going?) I don't know. Let's go. Let's follow. There's some cubes up here. Hello cubes. There's a rail, I'm following the rail. 

(0:33) Wheatley, are you gonna talk to me? (laughing at dialogue) I don't wanna- it would seem as though they have a certain type of consciousness, those little guys, which is upsetting to me. All right. "Turret: I'm different." What does that mean? It said "I'm different." I didn't hear it say that, but I think that that's kind of sad, and adorable. "I'm different."

(1:00) I'm not- "I don't wanna shoot you, I'm out of bullets. Otherwise I would wanna shoot you. But I don't because of the fact that I'm out of bullets. I do really want to shoot you, it's more like I can't. I don't have the capability of shooting you." I feel like that's the relationship the turrets have. That's like the best relationship you can have with a turret. 

(1:26) (Wheatley: She will probably kill us if she's awake.) I think I took care of her last time. Right, well, I can sit here and do nothing, but I did buy this video game for a reason. And that's to play video games. It's okay, it's okay. Yeah, we're fine. We're fine, there she is. Dead. 

(1:55) (Wheatley: What a nasty piece of work she was.) Seriously. (Wheatley: Do you know who ended up purging her, do you know who ended up taking her out?) Me. Me. Me. (Wheatley: ... nobody's seen him since.) "Him"? How long was that, Wheatley? I would like to know. Ah! Okay, I didn't even need to do that. 

(2:22) (Wheatley: You've applied the grip.) I've applied the grip. Where are we going, bud? (Wheatley: I've just looked down...) Ooh, yeah, that's- stop doing it. I'll try not to and you try not to and we'll be good. So is this where you wanted me to go? It appears to be something... the main breaker room. What? I wanna look up in this game, there's always good stuff up. 

(2:54) Nothing says anything, Wheatley. Nothing says anything. (Wheatley: Can you see it anywhere?) No. "Aperture Laboratories." Plug you in. Okay, why are we going? What happened? It seems like a really, sort of, bad design decision. If you didn't... no, that's faster. 

(3:30) Oh, we're right... "Power up initiated" is not what I want. I've seen this, though, I've seen this on the previews. I know what's up. Hello, GLaDOS. I'm just gonna watch this happen. This shouldn't be possible. How much... (Wheatley: Act natural.) Act natural? 

(4:09) Hello, GLaDOS. (GLaDOS: How have you been?) Don't worry about me. Oh great, oh thanks for the pinchers. I dropped my portal gun! I need my portal gun! I need that. Who 

(4:38) Who does her voice? I wanna meet that lady. Hey, isn't that where the fires are? I don't wanna go die. (GLaDOS: You must really, really, love to test.) I do love testing, actually. (GLaDOS: There's just one small thing we need to take care of first.) What do we need to take care of first? Okay, well, GLaDOS just dropped me down a hole, a giant hole into what I remember to be the fiery pits of the disposal system of Aperture Science Testing Facility. So I'm a little worried that I might be dead now, but, you know, considering the fact that this is still the beginning of the game. 

(5:19) I guess I'm gonna survive. This seems like the kind of trip that I would not survive, but I guess you never know. I have those boots on. Woah, okay, and I did land fine. Fine. No problem. Here we are. Yeah. Hello. I've got one of these. Oh, what just happened? What happened? Who did that? Hello? 

(5:59) Wow, apparently some of the things are on fire before they get down here. That was weird with the shooty sparky. (GLaDOS: There it is.) There what is? Oh it's the Portal Device. Hello! Hello, I need you portal gun, hello. Can I have you? It almost fell into the fire, but it didn't. Oh. Yeah, I know how to use dual portals. 

(6:43) (GLaDOS: ... black box quick-save feature.) Oh yeah? Woah. 

(7:03) You give me the creeps, GLaDOS. "19"? We're on Chamber 19? Do not drink the water. Did she say that we have sixty years to work together? Okay, I'm gonna go on through. 

(7:27) (GLaDOS: I'll just move that out of the way for you.) Thank you. 

(7:49) Oh, GLaDOS. They've got- they're really good at writing for you now. They've really sort of fleshed out your character and the evilness of it, and the sort of petty intelligence. It's very strange, it's a strange mixture. Mixture. Mixture? Maybe I should learn to talk. Chapter 2 begins! 

(8:14) (GLaDOS: I've really let the place go since you killed me.) You seem okay, for a dead person. Yes, good, I'm glad that your sarcasm... good. Okay. I don't see any deadly lasers, though. Okay, that's a thing. Oh, hey look, a deadly laser, right in front of my freaking face. 

(8:43) Okay. So portal, is it going there? That makes sense to me. But I have to be standing on that, huh. So I'm gonna stand on that, and I'm gonna do this. Well deadly lasers are not a problem at all. 

(9:10) How long has it been, GLaDOS? Just let me know, you might wanna just say, "Oh, and by the way, it's been a long time since I worked with you, about this many days. Or years. Or decades. Or centuries. (GLaDOS: This next test involves discouragement redirection cubes... there should be one in the corner.) That's a new thing. The light seems to be the same distance away. 

(9:41) Okay, so now we're back on 2. We already did Test Chamber 2. "Should be one in the corner", huh. That corner? That corner there? Is that Wheatley? I just- hello, hello, I need you, thank you. Uh, yes. There we go. That was easy. I like easy- wait, no, wait, wait, no, now we need- oh geez. Oh, come on. I'm so bad at this. Thank you.

(10:21) So easy. Well, I'm glad that you learned that bit of interesting science. Thank you for watching "Hank Plays Portal 2". There's an annotation in the top right-hand side of the video if you wanna continue watching the series. There's other videos that you can also watch if you click around in the annotations. And I would like to thank you for watching and you will not see me and I will not see you but you will hear me next time on "Hank Green Plays Portal 2".

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