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In which John mispronounces and flubs his way through the study of literature. Again.

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CC Kids:
One. Hi, I'm John Green, this is Crash Course Literature. That hurt a lot. I should come in from this side maybe, nope. You know what, I'm going to start here.

And the other half in Key West which really isn't America so much as it's a little tiny turd that fell off of America.

So the rhyme scheme is AB AB CD CD EF EF GG. I get that right?

A few of the sonnets have gendered pronouns, which has driven scholars mad over the last 500 years. Nope, 400 years. Greeting from 2109.

That humanization of the romantic other is more romantic and ultimately more loving than any summer's day, plus she gets to live forever in his poetry. Well not forever actually, because, you know, we're all going to die, the whole species will cease-- Damn it. 
Stan: One too far
John: Huh?
Stan: One too far
John: Just stop at we're all gonna to die?
Stan: Yeah, I think so. You know,
John: Should I just stop before then? The whole species is going to cease to exist. Anyway, thanks for watching.

Hi, I'm John Green, this is Crash Course. Whoops, nope. All wrong.

Lord of the Flies is about the murderous-- Lord, Lord, Lord of the Flies is about the murderous shenanigans of young boys marooned on a desert island for like 12 hours. Lord, [laughing] is it, how long was it? Four days? 
Stan: Was it four days? Is that all?
John: It's an extremely short period of time. [coughing] That's what's so * funny about it.

Now, not to be too hard-- Now-- Ju-- Quick-- Ah, their just, you know, their starting up a car.
Stan: Oldsmobile
John: I mean I can feel it. I can feel it in the table.
Stan: Oh, yeah, I can
John: [sighing]
Stan: Give me a number really quick
John: Oh, 10! [Clap]

So, he wrote a couple of books that were never published, and then one day said to his wife, "Wouldn't it be a good idea if I wrote a--" I don't know what the book is about, 'cause I don't have the teleprompter working. Alright, here we go.

Oh to Art Assignment? 16. Just trying to vary it up with the clapping for you.
Stan: Yeah, I like it.
John: OK.

Hi I'm John Green, this is CrashCourse literature--
Stan: I mean...
John: Oh, for real?

Or-- Aurel-- Aureliano... I can't say that. My American-- My American mouth doesn't move that way. I hate myself for being such an ugly American. OK.

My ability to pronounce vowels that are not everyday English vowels is essentially nil, like-- and when I talk in Spanish I sound like... like an American with a gun to my head being told to read a ransom note.
Stan: My Spanish pronunciation is pretty--

[sniffs] Was it funny?
Stan: Yeah, we saw that one the other day.
John: Good, I'm glad that it worked out, I was a little worried about it. OK.

Ooooh Aristotle, what weren't you wrong about? Well lots of things, lots of readers-- lots of viewers have pointed out many things. I'll say that, and you can cut it if you want.

Thanks for watching, I'll see you next time.
Stan: This is the last one.
John: Next time will be in like a year. But there will be a next time.
Stan: Sure.