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Donika Kelly reads you her poem "Love Poem: Satyr".

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Donika Kelly:

Poem: Love Poem: Satyr
Book: Bestiary
Press: Graywolf Press
Page: 44

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My name is Donica Kelly.

Today I'm reading "Love Poem: Satyr", which is from a sequence of love poems that I wrote after a breakup, that upon further reflection was not that serious. But one of the reasons that I really liked this poem is it shows me that even when it was, It's kind of a new thing trying to figure out how to have boundaries, the poem showed me that I. I could do that and then I had done it.

Love Poem: Satyr

I have filed my horns and trimmed my beard
and warmed my throat into a fine and sober
warble.  I play a little song in the key

of your name.  I call to you with a breath
of spring, a small wind warmed in my breast
and shaped by the lips you loved.  Love, I see

you've closed the windows to your heart.
Closed, too, the door, and blacked the light.
I put my ear to the glass, to the wood.  I hear

your heart like the wind in the reeds
meting out my name.