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Danielle and Celeste are the leading experts and founders of Somatica bodywork. To read their books or take their courses and become stronger in your own sensuality and relationships go to

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What if you could improve your sensuality?  Not just your sexuality, but before clothes come off, there's any penetration or body fluids exchanged, to engage with people in an intimate way that feels so much better?  You are able to have a better sense of the world around you.  


I'm Dr. Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist, doctor of human sexuality, host of this sex-curious show Sexplanations.  Back in September, I went to a Somatica workshop where I worked with colleagues, Danielle and Celeste, to learn a little bit more about sensuality and I am in their space here in Sunnyvale, California, and I want to share with you something amazing that they showed me.

L: Hi.  Thanks for coming on to Sexplanations.

Danielle: Hi.

L: I went to your training and I saw this one demonstration you did, (?~0:47) that you gave us as participants an option of I think the shoulders, arms, maybe the hips.

Celeste: Hips, shoulders and hips.

L: Or the butt?  

C: Yep, ass.  

L: Yes, and then you demonstrated each of them, and when you got the ass part, I think you, Celeste, were grabbing Danielle's ass and I was just like, whaaat.  That's amazing.  I love this.  This is so good.  Celeste, will you tell us what Somatica is?

C: Yes.  Somatica is an experiential and relational mode of sex and relationship coaching.

D: We engage in a vulnerable way with our clients, and we don't pretend that we know it all.  We really like to share ourselves both emotionally and erotically, to help them see what it feels like to be in a relationship (?~1:30).

C: A practice relationship.  They get all the skills and tools.

L: That's amazing.  Well, because, we went to school.

D: Yeah, we did.

L: And we had the option to do a special training called Sexological Body Work and then you did that, I did not.  You became amazing and I would always talk to you about it, and then you both developed Somatica.

C: I met her in Sexological Body Work.  

D: We did, and we started from Sexological Body Work and as we progressed, we felt like what we really wanted to add is the relational piece where people learn all those amazing tools and ways to be in their body and have amazing erotic bliss and then how do you ask it from your partner?  How do you communicate it?  How do you say what you want?  How do you say what turns you on?  So that's how we came up with Somatica in the relational way.

L: And you think you can just right now, you can give us something.

C: Oh yeah.

D: Always.  

C: We're ready for action.  

L: Oh my gosh.  Have the stage.  I'm gonna sit over here.  

C: Tell me when you're ready.  

D: (?~2:27)

L: Sorry to cut in on your very hot moment.  What are you thinking at that time?  

C: Okay, so this is a passion exercise.  Grabbing is really about showing how much you desire someone, like you can't keep your hands off of them, and you really also want to grab in a way that like, supports their body and holds them and then gently releases, so it's a little bit like taking someone on a journey, the physical and the psychological arousal.

D: And as a receiver, it's really important to let yourself like, take it in and feed off the energy that Celese is gonna send me here and really surrender to it.

C: So the way that I start to get in touch with my body and erotic energy is I just like to breathe and then I start to look at how gorgeous you are.

D: And that's it.  You got me right there. Yes, I'm already starting to feel my arousal just by you checking me out and feeling your arousal.

C: And I also have a little performance anxiety of like, ooh, I hope I bring it, oh, I hope I do it right for her.  That's that part that comes in.

D: I like that.  I like that you're gonna worry a little bit about it.  Totally hit my core desire about like, getting it right for her.  It's like, yes.  Yes.  I just love it when there's, 'cause there's like a beginning, a middle, and an end, you know?  Like, there's like a build up, the holding it, and there's like a gentle release when you put me back on the floor here.

C: Yeah. So important not to drop the person because you just brought them into this wave of energy.

L: So Celeste just invited me to get my ass over here so that I can experientially learn, yes?

C: Yes, I've been waiting to grab your ass all morning.

L: Aaah!  As the receiver, Danielle says that my part gets to be that I surrender.  

C: Yes.  You just see if you can enjoy it and take in all of the desire that I'm offering as much as you can.

L: Okay.   Here I go.

C: Okay.

L: Do I put my hands anywhere?

C: You can just keep them like that or you can grab me back.

L: You'll just know what to do?

C: Whatever you want.  I know what to do.  

L: Okay.  I'm ready.  

C: You've gotta breathe.  

L: Oh my gosh.  How do you do that without kissing?  

C: I know, it's really hard, huh?  

L: Okay, come over here.  If you would like to learn more about Somatica, take their training, read their blogs, watch their videos.  Go to

C: Or

L: Yeah.  


D: She lost her verbal capacity.  

L: Yay.  Stay curious.