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In which Hank goes through a lot of portals.
Hello, and welcome to "Hank Green Plays Portal". This is me playing Portal. I want to go to the main lift, 'cause that seems to be the place to be. Last time, I- I think I had figured out how to do it, I just ran out of time, you know how it goes. So, this, you fall, and then that- see, that takes me way too far. That was me being taken way too far.

(0:31) So, I had figured out that I needed to go lower down, and then I completely ignored my learning just now. So let's go. Through the blue. Through the blue again. And- oh, still too far. Wait, did I just- no, I can't really, no. So what about if I go as far down as I can there, and make the blue here. Oh geez, oh geez. Ha ha. Right. Let's try that again.

(1:04) Woah, why was I upside-down? Okay, unusual that I stand there. Don't- okay. Why is that so hard? Why are you doing that with the flippy? No reason to flippy! Ah- that was not far enough. Come on. Okay, so maybe I have to remake this portal right- way, wah gah jah- okay, get up, get up! Gah. Man. Little bit higher. And you are going to go right way around this time. Okay. Right way. Ohpa- ah, ooh, ooh that was too far! Too far!

(2:00) Too- but it was so similar to before way! Come on! It was a very narrow thing! Luckily, apparently I have all- what, that was way too far! What the heck? Okay. Apparently, I have all the time in the world, though. Don't need to eat, don't need to sleep. I am Chell. Chell, of the not-eating not-sleeping people- for god's- too far, too far! Confused. I hope I'm doing this- I hope I'm doing the right thing right now. It would be embarrassing if I wasn't. Okay, okay. And- huh- way too far! What was the time that I did it right? How did I do it different? Oh, I stopped, I stopped is what I did different. I stopped 'cause I went in upside-down and it made me stop on the ledge. 

(3:01) Okay, that didn't do it. Huh, oah. Huh- yes! Yes! I need to get in here. I don't need to get in here. What do I need- did I- why did I do that? Did I do that for no reason? Please don't tell me I did that for no reason, or I will kick your butt. I'm not, I'm not, what's that? Do I have to launch myself out of that? That will upset me.

(3:38) If that's what I have to do, and I just did this for no reason. "Welcome to the future of tomorrow." It's true. It is tomorrow, and it's still the future here. Is there a place I can portal? Oh, come on. Oh man. Oh man oh man of war. Come on. Uh. I did a thing that is not necessary just to see that one graphic. Wait, hello. Oh geez, oh geez, oh geez. So, you- and then all I have to do is get into that hole-

(4:36) Oh that is not even close! Okay. So this is a learning experience. I'm learning about learning- nope, wrong, wrong, but that seems to be good- what is that for? I'm confused, man! Confusing. So I have to drop, and then this, and this, I'm gonna go through this, which is blue, and then I'm gonna make a yellow in that thing there. Yeah, what, yes, oh man that was awesome! Okay, over here now.

(5:18) What good- I went through the hole, can I open- yes! Yes. I love the testing facility. (Cave Johnson: ... in the course of your science adventure.) My science adventure. (laughing at dialogue) (Cave Johnson: ... the way in which you have bent the world to your will.) Video blogging? That's how I bent the world to my will. (laughing again. Cave Johnson's funny, man) There's my Cave. You've got a nice voice, Cave Johnson.

(6:12) "Top 100 Applied Science Companies- 1949- #2". "Shower Curtain Salesman of 1943". "Spirit of Idaho". There's a potato here. "National Potato Board for the Promotion of Potato Science". "Department of Shower Curtains". "Best New Science Company- 1947". Okay, there's- the carpet has been stained over here, there's a thing on the ground. Sorry. Okay. 

(6:42) Alright, alright, we're here now, we're here, we're ready to do something. Hey, I got a- I got over here! And jumpity-gumpity. Okay, good. "Jumpity-gumpity", that's one of my, one of my major abilities. I'm gonna go up this machine. What does it say? I didn't see what that said. Okay, we're going up this machine. Hello machine, let's go up it. Going up you. Let's see if I can- what can I see? 

(7:07) There's a button, there's a giant vat, there's a door over there, I'm gonna end up there at some point. There's a giant vat that's got a MSDS sign-- "signal"? Symbol on it. "Caution- do not fall down elevator shaft". (laughing) I'll work on that. Apparently the Aperture Science Vat of Stuff- it's completely benign! Don't worry! 

(7:35) You'll be okay, let's portal- that's good. That's portalable, but I don't wanna go there. How about right there? Wha- ah! That's- oh geez, I almost did it again. Okay, so, how about there? Is that- there you go. Ground! I love the ground and this didn't help me at all. (Cave Johnson: If you've cut yourself at all during the course of these tests, you might have noticed that your blood is pure gasoline. That's normal. We've been shooting you with an invisible laser that's supposed to turn blood into gasoline. So all that means is it's working.) (laughing at Cave Johnson) Okay, well, I'm pretty sure I would be dead if my blood was gasoline, but... whatever. 

(8:15) Okay, so what have we got here? We've got a door. What we've got here is this cleared-off spot, which makes me believe that if I get going fast enough, that I will launch off this thing and I will go all the way over all of this and land right there. Because I can do the math in my head and I'm going to try to do that before this episode is over. This is... I don't know how I'm gonna fall. How do I fall? 

(8:45) Okay, there's- I just have to fall into that. Which is maybe a little bit much of a jump. Tap tap tap- there's nothing to fall down there. That's not good. That's bad. I dislike. Okay. "Notice: experiment discontinued." That's wrong. That was the wrong color. Alright. Here we are. So I'm gonna make a blue here, and then, where is that- where was that thing I shot? (singing) Thing that I shot. Where are you?

(9:29) Thing that I shot. I saw it, it was at the base of this thing. Hello, thing that I shot? Where are you being? Oh, is it the bottom of the elevator shaft? Hoh, holy cajoles. Okay, here I go, just gonna do it, don't think about it too much. Just- hoh, ha, hoo did it look to anyone else like that was not going to happen? Oh man, what's that? What's this? What's this? What's that? What's-

(10:01) Okay. I just have to tell everyone... that I am awesome, first, and second, thank you for watching this edition of "Hank Green Plays Portal 2". That was- oof. Yeah. Alright, and I will- you will not see me and I will not see you but you will hear me- "gel flow"?- next time on "Hank Green Plays Portal". Click the annotation in the top right-hand side of the video to watch the next one, and that is where you will hear me. Okay, goodbye.