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In which John wishes Hank a very Rock-Afire Birthday. Check out the ning at to see amazing Hank Birthday pictures!

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Good morning, Hank! It's Tuesday, May 5th. Happy (x 30) Birthday! Hank, it's your birthday! Woo!


Hooray! Ayyy! It's Hanko de Mayo! Cinco de Hanko? Hanko de Mayo! You're 29. That makes me feel really old. Hank, as you may have noticed, lots of Nerdfighters are giving you lots of wonderful presents all over the internet today. I put links in the side bar to some of my favorites. And now I'm going to call you and tell you about the present I got you. Or am in the process of getting you...

Hank (on phone): Hello
John: Happy Birthday! Whoohoo!! It's Hanko de Mayo!
Hank: Whoohoo!
John: Woo! You know how there's this pizza restaurant with like fun balls called Chuckie Cheese?
Hank: Yeah
John: You know how before Chuckie Cheese there was a place called Showbiz Pizza?
Hank: Yeah
John: And Showbiz Pizza had an animatronic animal based rock band called the Rock-a-fire Explosion?
Hank: I am aware.
John: Ok. My present to you is that I found the very rare original printing record of Happy Birthday Medley on one side and Do You Love Me on the other.
Hank: Wow.
John: And also, I am in the process of getting the actual Rock-a-fire Explosion to record your song Book 8.
Hank: Wow.
John: That's your real present.
[Hank laughing]
John: If all goes according to plan the Rock-a-fire Explosion will be recording Hank Green music.

Would you have thought, Hank, when you were like eight years old, listening to the Rock-a-fire Explosion that one day you would write a song that they would record?
Hank: Umm I think that if you'd told me that then I would have, uh, felt as if my wildest dreams were coming true. And and that my little eight year old self would have just sort of given up on life because what else was there?
John: Right. Right. And then my eleven year old self would have like held you down underneath the fun balls so you couldn't breathe.
Hank: Yeah, I think you did do that. Uh I think I, uh, sort of felt like I couldn't breathe and I really freaked out even though you can breathe when you're under the fun balls.
John: Yeah.
Hank: But I felt like I was underwater and I panicked.
John: I would say that I sorry but A. I'm not sorry, and B. I think having a deep fear of fun balls is actually quite healthy.
Hank: [laughing] Yes it's the breeding ground for swine flu.
John: It, in fact, it's now the belief that Swine Flu started inside fun balls. The scientists are actually thinking about renaming it Fun Ball Flu.

Have a great day with uh with The Katherine.
Hank: I will. Thank you, John. And thank you, Nerdfighters. Uhh I appreciate all of your healthy wishes. Birthdays have never been so amazing for anyone ever.
John: Healthy wishes? Healthy wishes?

I said it just now, but I'll say it again, Happy Birthday, and I'll see you tomorrow.