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In this episode of SciShow Quiz Show, host Michael Aranda test the wits of contestants Dr. Lindsey Doe and Hank Green.

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Michael: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to SciShow Quiz Show, the show where these two people will compete in sciencey knowledge things and win prizes for some lucky Subbable subscribers. Subbable. Sub- Sub-ba-ble.

Hank: That's my fault.

Michael: Why did you name it that!? I'm your host Michael Aranda and today on the show we have internet guy Hank Green.

Lindsey: Woooooo!

Michael: And the host of Sexplanations, Dr. Lindsey Doe.

Hank: Waaaaaaah!

Michael: Hank you will be competing on behalf of Phoenix Maa.

Hank: I gotcha back, Phoenix

Michael: And Lindsey you'll be playing for 2 people who subscribed together, Hunter & April Boykin.

Lindsey: Yeah!!!

Hank: And if we win, they get stuff? Is that what happens?

Michael: They get something... Stefan what do they get?

Stefan: Well Michael, today our contestants will have the opportunity to win a Pizza John sock for your right foot, OR a Pizza John sock for your left foot... or maybe both. Back to you.

Michael: To find out how our contestants can play for YOU, you can go to All right you both start out with 1000 points. If you get a question correctly, you win some number of points. In you answer a question NOT correctly, then you'll lose some... who knows how many? I don't. [Lindsey laughs]

Michael: Our first round; the topic is THE PLANETS. Our Solar System is just full of surprises. The more we learn about it, the more we find out that many of our assumptions have been wrong. Like it turns out that Pluto was not the planet we thought it was.

Lindsey: Pluto...

Hank: Stop... whining about Pluto. [All laugh]

Michael: And even though Mercury is closest to the sun, Venus is actually hotter. So-

Hank: Oh God, I thought I was hoping that was gonna be the question because I knew that...

Michael: Maybe you'll know this... Which is the coldest planet in our solar system? Is it A) Jupiter, B) Saturn, C) Uranus D) Neptune? [Hank buzzes]

Hank: Neptune? It's gotta be wrong.


Hank: Arrrgh... 'cause why would it be... the question if it was obvious!

Michael: You have lost points! You lost the 50 points!

Hank: 50... points. I can deal with that. I have 950 points.

Lindsey: So [she buzzes] tap! I wanna say A) Jupiter but I'm gonna go with B) Saturn.

Michael: Incorrect!

Hank: Both of them.

Science Michael: So even though Neptune is the most distant planet from the sun, Uranus is actually colder. Temperatures in its troposphere, which is the layer of atmosphere where the clouds are formed, have been measured at -224 degrees Celsius, almost 10 degrees colder than on Neptune even though Neptune is more than 2 billion kilometers farther from the sun. On both of these ice giants more heat comes from the planet's interior than from the radiation from the distant sun, and Uranus turns out to have a much colder core than Neptune does. Scientists aren't completely sure why, but some think it may be the result of an enormous impact that knocked Uranus on its side billions of years ago.

Hank: All right, TIED with less points!

Lindsey: Yes! Sorry... [All laugh]

Michael: Ok round two; true or false, REPTILE EDITION. Our second round this week will school you on the study of reptiles, a wing of biology known as herpetology. Because reptiles are awesome, complex creatures with all kinds of neat adaptations, they could use an image makeover. So let's test what you know and what you think you know about reptiles, with three true or false questions. Vipers, are a family of snakes found of every continent EXCEPT Australia and Antarctica. Now, true or false: all vipers are venomous. [Hank buzzes]

Hank: False. [Lindsey laughs] I won. False.

Michael: You are incorrect sir. [Lindsey buzzes]

Lindsey: TRUE!!

Hank: Aw man... [all laugh] wow, she's gonna- she's gonna pick up this- pick up the dregs of this one.

Michael: I don't know if that's legal! It's a true or false question! Obviously it's true if false is incorrect...

Lindsey: [chanting] April! Hunter! April! Hunter! [all laugh] I win!

Hank: I think she wins.

Science Michael: Vipers are defined by the presence of long, hollow, retractable fangs that they use to envenomate their prey. When they're not being used, the fangs fold up against the roof of the mouth. There are more than 200 species of vipers, including so-called "Old World" vipers in Europe and Asia, and pit vipers in North and South America which have heat-sensing pit organs on either side of the nose.

Hank: I think that's- I think that's...

Michael: Minus 50 to Hank... You get.. uh... 100 points? Sure, sure. [Lindsey sighs, Hank mutters "All right"] That's how we roll on SciShow Quiz Show. Next question; part two of reptiles true or false. Among the main groups of reptiles found today, including lizards, snakes, turtles, and crocodiles, the oldest surviving group is lizards... true or false? [Hank buzzes]

Hank: False.

Michael: You are correct.

Hank: Oh good.

Michael: The answer is turtles!

Hank: Oh wow. I would've said crocodiles. [All laugh] So I'm glad you didn't make me do that!

Science Michael: Turtles first showed up 200 million years ago and true lizards showed up some 15 million years later. But the evolutionary relationships among reptiles are really complicated. In fact, crocodiles are more closely related to birds than to any other reptile groups, and some classifications include birds as a special group of 2 legged warm-blooded feathered reptiles!

You lookin' at my answers?

Hank: I... am not above cheating [Lindsey and Michael laugh]. For you, Phoenix.

Michael: Okay part three of our reptile true or false extravaganza. Turtles can feel things with their shells, true or false? [Hank buzzes]

Hank:  True.

Michael: You're correct!! [Hank and Lindsey go woooo!] That's another 100 points to Hank. [to Lindsey] you didn't answer that incorrectly, so you don't lose points. Congratulations.

Lindsey: Yaaay!!

Science Michael: The innermost layer of the turtle's shell is made of bone, but it's covered with a connective tissue and an outer layer of keratin plates called scutes. These have nerves and blood vessels in them, so turtles and tortoises can sense when things are touching their shells. Interestingly, though, opinions differ about the extent to which turtles can feel pain in their shells. Some research has suggested that they have few, if any, pain receptors in their shells.

Michael: Okay, onto round three; double or nothing! This is where you can wager however many points you want, just not more than you have... 'cause... that's how many you have.

Hank: You don't want to go into debt.

Michael: Okay Lindsey you are currently sitting comfortably at 1150 points. Hank you have 1100. How many will you wager? The next topic is ELECTRICITY. [Hank oohs] While our contestants make their wagers, you can run to the bathroom because we'll be right back after this commercial break... Welcome back, our contestants have wagered a certain number of points there on their card, you will also write your answer on the card; are you ready for the question? Materials conduct electricity through the movement of charged particles, typically electrons. Metals tend to have the loosest hold on their outer, or valence, electrons, which makes them good conductors. Which element is the best conductor of electricity? Is it gold, copper, aluminum, or silver?

Lindsey: I wish we had one of those things where you can say "Can I call a friend?"

Hank: Yeah. I bet you do.

Lindsey: And I would call Hank. [all laugh]

Michael: Here's Hank, phone a friend.

Hank: [on phone, echoing slightly] Hey, how's it going?

Lindsey: Hey, I have this question about electricity and which is a better conductor out of these four elements; copper, aluminum, silver or gold?

Hank: Um, it's weird how you sound much more official on the phone than you do in real life [Lindsey laughs] it's uh.. it's something is about... way that the vocals are clipped... also it's really weird to hear myself talking a little bit after I talk. It's like, a ray gun on my brain to make me less efficient. [All laugh]

Michael: What?! [All laughing]

Lindsey: Oh my gosh...

Hank: [on phone] I'm gonna... well since my first priority is Phoenix, I'm gonna go ahead and say aluminum. For you. You can put aluminum. I probably won't.

Lindsey: [on phone] Okay.

Michael: Good.

Hank: I crossed one off the list for her [all laugh]. Aaah I just gotta go with the obvious answer.

Lindsey: Then I'll go with the non-obvious. Unless our obviouses are different. No!

Hank: By the number of letters I'm guessing our obviouses are different. OK.

Michael: OK. Let's see what you answered.

Hank: Gold. Copper!

Michael: Wow. Both of you got that wrong. You had it correct, for a couple seconds and then you crossed it out! [Hank and Michael laugh]

Lindsey: That's my way!

Hank: Ohhh, MAN!

Science Michael: Silver is the best conductor of electricity because its outermost electron is the most loosely bound, but because silver is so expensive, copper and aluminum are usually used instead. But if you have a lot of money and high performance really matters, like if you're NASA, silver and gold work the best, which is why they're often used in satellites and spacecraft.

Michael: WOO! Uh, wow, Hank you lost 1100 points.

Hank: I did, I have 0 points. [Michael laughs]

Lindsey: But you got more questions... correct.

Hank: I'm, I was confident, I was confident that I was gonna get that right. And I didn't.

Michael: So Lindsey, it looks like you won a thing, for April and Hunter Boykin.

Lindsey: WOOO!!!!

Michael: Congratulations. If you want our contestants to play for you, you can go to, and don't forget to check out Dr. Lindsey Doe's channel Sexplanations where you can learn all kinds of sexy things [all laugh] and if you wanna keep getting smarter with us here on SciShow, go to and subscribe.

Hank: Sorry Phoenix... [Michael and Lindsey laugh]