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YouTubers React #12 - Rejected
[YouTubers React Theme Song]

Ingrid: Rejected.

Marcus: Don't know what this is.

Anthony: REJECTED!

Ian: Oh, I love this so much.

Timothy: I watch this all the time!

Felix: In the spring...

Harley: Too long to not read.

Tay: [Reads aloud] The cartoons were completed in five weeks. The Family Learning Channel rejected all of them upon review, and they were never aired.

Hank: 'K. [laughs] I'm looking forward to this.'

(Video: My spoon is too big.)

Olga: It is...

Felix: That guy is a genius.

(Video: My spoon is too big.)

Philip: [with the video] My spoon is too big.

Felix: [chuckles] The banana will help him.

(Video: I am a banana.)

Timothy: [with the video] I am a banana.

Kurt: Wait, what?! That was it?!

Adam: Is this legit? I've always been very curious about this.

Tay: Oh, more stick figures. 

(Video: Tuesday's coming. Did you bring your coat?)

Anthony: Good lip-syncing.

(Video: I live in a giant bucket. [grumbling noises])

Harley: This is the best thing I've ever seen in my life.

Felix: Octopus cat. Pig? Cat pig? [laughs] Octopus.

Marcus: This is so bizarre.

(Video: Hey! Do you want to go see a movie?)

Ian & Anthony: [laugh]

(Video: I am feeling fat and sassy. [screaming])

Hank: [sighs]

Ingrid: Oh my god!

Olga: Oh my gosh.

Tay: Ooh. Whoa. .

Harley: [laughs]

Kurt: This wasn't actually made for The Family Learning Channel.

Felix: It could go on for hours. 

Hank: I mean, this reminds me a lot of TomSka.

Olga: Alright, what's this.

Hank: Johnson & Mills.

Ingrid: Okay. 

(Video: Honey come quick, Poopy is taking his first steps!)

Felix: Aww.

Harley: [laughs]

Olga: NO. No! No!

Timothy: I don't know why people are so against babies being hurt for comedy.

Ian: Yes. This is my favorite one!

(Video: Everybody dance!)

Tay: Okay. I'm dancin'.

(Video: [cheering] Yay!)

Ingrid: Oh my god, that's really cute! Dancing little clouds!

Felix: This is Swedish! [sings]

(Video: Life is good! Yay!)

Olga: Yay! Oh my god what's happening?!

(Video: My anus is bleeding! [cheering])

Harley: [laughs]

Philip: [laughs]

Timothy: [laughs]

(Video: My anus is bleeding! [cheering])

Marcus: [laughs] What??

Tay: He needs to see a cloud doctor.

(Video: For the love of god, and all that is holy - my anus is bleeding! [cheering])

Marcus: Why are they so happy? [laughs]

Felix: I guess it's that time of month, huh.

Adam: Oh, so much anus blood.

Hank: They "began" to fall apart. Because apparently that hadn't fallen apart yet.

Timothy: Oh, oh this ending was like, awesome too.

Ingrid: Oh, they're like all - they're all coming together?

Kurt: Someone's died in almost every cartoon so far.

Marcus: There's the banana. [laughs confusedly]

Ian: No, not the banana!

Anthony: [laughs]

Harley: [laughs]

Olga: Oh god. Get out, get out of there! Get out. 

Felix: They're breaking the fourth wall.

Anthony: This is like, some ring stuff right here.

Philip: I imagine this is what every person on the internet believes is happening when something changes.

Harley: Incredible. Incredible.

Kurt: Truly disturbing.

Ingrid: What did I just watch? No wonder they were all rejected!

Ian: Ah, memories!

Philip: Yeah. Gimme that old school!

(Question Time!)

FineBros: So had you seen that before?

Harley: No.

Marcus: Absolutely not.

Ingrid: Definitely not.

Olga: No, this is my first time.

Tay: I had not seen that before.

Hank: Definitely have heard people say, "My spoon is too big!"

Adam: I know "my anus is bleeding" and "my spoon is too big," but the rest I kinda - [whistles].

Philip: Yes, a very very very long time ago.

Ian & Anthony: YES.

Anthony: Many many many times.

Ian: Dozens upon dozens. It was kind of like what a lot of internet, like, cartoons, like, eventually came to be.

FineBros: How would you describe it to someone who has never seen it?

Tay: [laughs] 

Felix: Random cartoon humor.

Marcus: Cartoons gone wrong?

Hank: Surrealist and gore. Gore focused stick drawings.

Philip: Randomness, and it's dark, and that's the best stuff on the internet.

Ian: A really cute cartoon.

Anthony: Mhm. Everyone should watch it. Everyone and their kids should watch it. 

Ian: Mhm. And babies.

Adam: Did it actually happen that somebody give him money, and/or the ability to do this? Because if that's the case... Whoops.

FineBros: So was this made for TV networks and food products?

Ingrid: Maybe. I don't know.

Olga: No I don't think so.

Felix: They're just too over-the-top, no one would think this would make a commercial. 

Marcus: [laughs] This guy is pissing blood out of his bum, I mean, surely that's not gonna go on TV.

Hank: Johnson & Mills? The Family Learning Network? Those things don't exist. Unless he's South African or something and they have brands I don't know about.

FineBros: Did you like it?

Olga: No!

Kurt: I don't think it would be something I would watch in my spare time. 

Felix: Yeah, it was hilarious.

Philip: Yeah, I love that!

Tay: I got a laugh out of it! I didn't know what function it served.

Timothy: That's like, my (censored). If I felt like my audience could handle it, I would do a lot more stuff like that, you know. But for now I stick to the dick jokes.

Harley: It makes me laugh. It makes me smile. Anus blood? Why are you guys smiling right now when I said "anus blood?"

FineBros: And what happened to that one poor cloud?

Olga: He was raped?

Adam: He drowned in a pool of anus blood. 

Tay: I didn't learn that in meteorology. 

Ingrid: That's when I crossed my legs really hard.

Timothy: You know how that goes, man. Sometimes you're dancin' with your buddies, and then your anus just starts bleeding, and then you drown in the blood that spilled out of your (censored).

FineBros: What was the song that was playing there?

Felix: [sings] They're singing that it's Christmas again. 

FineBros: Oh, that's what the song actually is?

Felix: Yeah.  

FineBros: I never knew that! [laughs]

Felix: [laughs]

FineBros: Why were all of his friends so happy even though he was drowning in his anus blood?

Marcus: [laughs] I don't know.

Olga: Because they're all screwed up!

Ingrid: Maybe they didn't like him, maybe he was the dark cloud. 

Philip: It's the group effect. When a bunch of people see someone bleeding from the ass you don't do anything; when it's one person seeing someone bleeding from the ass, you help. 

Anthony: That was a test of true friendship. 

Ian: Yeah.

Anthony: If your anus is bleeding, and your friends are still happy, they're not your real friends.

Ian: Yeah.

Hank: Their basic purpose in life is to be fluffy, celebratory cloud things. If there is a situation presented to them that maybe doesn't make sense for them to be perfect, celebratory, uh, puffy cloud things, they don't know what else to do. And so they continue doing the only thing they know how to do, which is to be celebratory cloud things. 

FineBros: So a lot of times on the React shows, when we talk about things that have been so popular, a lot of the response you get as to why is "random." Why does something random make things so popular?  

Ingrid: People like to see something that's unexpected.

Timothy: People are just looking to get, um, entertained, really fast. And when stuff is random, there's really nothing to think about.

Harley: Because these days, when you watch so much content, you see so many videos, nothing really shocks you. So when something is random, you're like, "Wow, it's for the first time I've been weirded out in a long time, I have to show people."

Hank: From content in general we have come to expect very specific things. Here's the story and here's how TV works and all the genres are very defined.

Tay: You are subjugated to these terrible structures and orderly ways of thinking, so we crave for a childhood freedom. To achieve that as an adult you need to go to more extreme measures than you were able to as a child.

FineBros: So this was made in 1999.

Harley: People were sharing it on, like, MSN Messenger.

Tay: Wow, like before YouTube.

FineBros: But not only that, it won twenty-seven animation awards around the world - 

Felix: What?!

FineBros: - and was even nominated for an Academy Award for best animated short.

Marcus: An Oscar - wow.

Ingrid: What?! What?! What the heck, no!

Kurt: How? How'd that happen?

Felix: That's a bit of stretch, isn't it. That's like a YouTube video getting nominated for an Oscar.  

Harley: As it should be. Anus blood.

Ian: I totally agree.

Anthony: Yeah.

Ian: I think it should win more awards.

Anthony: I think it should've won everything it was nominated for. 

FineBros: What do you think about the fact that it was even nominated for an Oscar, this?

Olga: Wow.

Kurt: I am shocked it was nominated for an Oscar.

Harley: It's definitely ahead of it's time. 'Cause the comedy is still relevant now. Still a funny video today. And I only saw it today.

Adam: I think that we typically call this kind of stuff art because there's no other explanation other than, "Well I guess I don't understand it, I suppose it's art."

Hank: That probably speaks to the fact that a lot of people working in animation, 'cause those are the people who make those decisions, uh, were sick of something. Tired of making content for Johnson & Johnson of fluffy bears wiping their fluffy butts with fluffy Charmin toilet paper.

FineBros: Do you see artistic merit with this, like is it trying to say something?

Olga: No, not, no not really. 

Felix: It's just funny and random, and that's all I got from it.

Philip: I'm pretty simple. I didn't - I never thought anything like, "Oh, that really means something!" It made me laugh, and then I would go back, and it would make me laugh some more. And that's all I need out of, like, video and art. 

Timothy: There is definitely more to that short than, like, stupid jokes. 

Hank: It says something about an industry and about, you know, being a creative professional. Which is that, a lot of the time you do terrible stuff that you kinda hate. I think that he was probably tired of making the (censored). 

FineBros: This animator's name is Don Hertzfeldt, would you watch more animated films by him?

Harley: Yeah.

Felix: Sure, why not?

Kurt: I'd be interested in seeing what else this dude's up to. 

Marcus: I'd love to see the other stuff he's created.

Philip: Yes, 100%.

Ian: He made more after though too - 

Anthony: Yeah.

Ian: - like the same style, and I watched all those ones too.

Adam: Does it involve anus blood? 

FineBros: Maybe, maybe not.

Adam: That would probably be my yes or no answer, contingent upon whether or not there's anus blood.

FineBros: What would you say to Don if he was watching this?

Harley: Nice cartoons, man. More anus blood please.

FineBros: [suppressed laughter]

Hank: And that is the end of another episode of YouTubers React!

Felix: To watch deleted reactions, click the box below.

Marcus: If you enjoyed this episode, make sure that you subscribe to all of the channels.

Olga: Please come back next time and bye!

Tay: Good bye!

Ian: My anus is bleeding!

Anthony: Yay!

Ian: No, my anus is bleeding!

Anthony: Yay!

Ian: You're a (censored) friend!

Anthony: Yay!

(Extro music)