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Introducing your turn-ons to someone new can be difficult. The first step is knowing what your turn-ons are.

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Dr. Lindsey Doe: I'm Lindsay Doe, this is Sexplanations, and this is Connor Manning.

Connor: Hello!

-- Intro Cut Scene --

Dr. Doe: We have sheets of paper and markers, and my goal for us is to write down five of our turn-ons, and then we're going to compare them together to kind of show them how people who don't know what each other's turn-ons are can communicate that.

Connor: Okay

Dr. Doe: And then like even negotiate them.

Connor: Cool.

Dr. Doe: K. Three, two, one.

Connor: Is it--

Dr. Doe: Ooh, look at you, did like all over the place!

Connor: Just, you know, just spread it out, like

Dr. Doe: I like it.

Connor: I'm going to start with the one I put two exclamation points on

Both: Sexual tension!!

Connor: Because it's just, mm, great. There's something about like, the holding off and the build up and the we-can't-help-it moment, which is just like... choice.

Dr. Doe: How do you know that you are experiencing sexual tension?

Connor: Really it's coming out of like no-- like, inaction, like nothing is happening, usually ideally like no talking is happening, you're just like there, you're existing with a person, and it's like the moment before like anyone does anything about it. That pre- moment, that's, yeah, that.

Dr. Doe: It's amazing, I agree.

Connor: yeah!

Dr. Doe: And now you've put words to it so everyone knows when they're experiencing sexual tension with Connor Manning.

Connor: With two exclamation points.

Dr. Doe: Mine (in no particular order) is when somebody tells me what they want. Like, if they say "I want you to duck my brains out."

Connor: Yeah, I'm like shy in a lot of ways, so when somebody kind of opens that door I'm like "yeah!" Then I dive in. So I, yes, agree. agree.

Dr. Doe: Okay!

Connor: Again, no particular order, the next one I'm going to go to - and it's fall themed - cozy weather/ environment.

Dr. Doe: Aw, I have "Safe Environment."

Connor: That goes into it!

Dr. Doe: Well you want "cozy" I want "safe."

Connor: Yeah, Like -- like -- When it's like raining outside, maybe it's like a little cold, I don't know it just like that fall kind of like, you want to wear more layers, like everyone's comfortable,. Like, honestly, comfort is more sexy to me than quote/unquote "sexy" clothing to me. Like -- like sweatpants and just like that's way better for me, cause I'm just like "everyone's comfortable, everyone's like having a great time" and there's no pressure, and it's not like intense and over-the-top. No, I mean like, environment is just, is also really important because it's just like there's comfort involved and when you feel like safe and you feel like... like secure, and like, you know, it's like super important in regards to letting those walls down and letting that band for me, I just find that really appealing.

Dr. Doe: Yeah, so do I. Safe environment. That there's a sense of privacy, when it's needed. There aren't kids around, or voyeurs (who I haven't consented to.) Environment - very important to turning on.

Connor: okay... smelling nice. Is... is.... is something, you know, again, it's not like a deal breaker if you don't smell nice, but smelling nice helps so much. It feels like cleaner, safer, more um... more like the person like actually wants to kind of like be around you in like an intimate way because they - 

Dr. Doe: So this is the other person smelling nice.

Connor: Yes!

Dr. Doe: My next one is personal hygiene. Clean hands, trim nails, even things like fitness, and being aware of your internal, intestinal health. 

Connor: Uh... verbal affirmations. When you like tell me, sort of like, where you stand with me. Like what your feelings, like what you like about me, or like... so there's just something about that, like that I'm really receptive to that. It's just-- It's just nice like in that kind of say like "oh this looks really nice, or this feels really nice" or "I like that you're doing that." Or kind of like what you were saying, like "I want you to do that."

Dr. Doe: So like words. Not just moaning. like "ooh."

Connor: Yes!

Dr. Doe: Then Moaning.

Connor: Combined! Yeah, definitely.

Dr. Doe: Okay!

Connor: Put them together! 

Dr: Doe. Okay. So then my next one would be "light petting." I was thinking about what like actually gets me going physically, and if someone is just kind of grazing over my vulva, not touching it, like with a lot of pressure, even with underwear on, that's just, I'm-- I'm game. We're good. We're moving forward!

Connor: That hearkens back to me to tension!!! Ah, it just like like.. no, I very much agree, and it all kind of relates to this guy for me. My next one... "head scratches." and.... real good. For me, just like even for just things like you start here, and it's just like that's the way to my heart and my body. That's it. Like, that's how that's-- that's it. and um--

Dr. Doe: I know you so-- I feel like I know you so intimately right now. I can just... Connor. Done.

Connor: I don't keep that a secret! Like it's really... so like you just like "oh don't... yeah... don't that's-- unless you want..." but just no.

Dr: Doe: Number five is "Flexibility." And I don't... I mean, yes, flexibility physically is great, but I mean like if something is-- we're trying something, and it's not working, for that person to be able to easily take me to a new position, or a new behavior that is successful. It's like, oh, so sexy.

Connor: I like that in people, just like a quality overall. Like adaptability.

Dr. Doe: Yeah!

Connor: Like "hey, this isn't working, let's try something else, and not being offended at it. I feel like we've all been there, like something changes, or doesn't go exactly the way and like, we like almost take it personally. 

Dr. Doe: Yeah.

Connor: And I feel like especially sexually, it's really easy to do that, where you like take things personally. Because it is so personal, and so you feel like "Oh I'm doing bad, and then all of a sudden it's like the whole thing is, but being able to sort of like flip the switch and "okay, let's try something else!" and it's all fine and moving forward.

Dr: Doe: Okay, so my last bonus one is intelligence. I get so turned on when I hear people having intellectual conversations or they're saying really smart things to me. In high school my friends would play Trivial Pursuit and I would-- they didn't know it maybe, but I was just getting so aroused by the experience!

Dr. Doe and Connor: *laughter*

Dr. Doe: So we've done it!

Connor: We did it!

Dr. Doe: We've shared our turn-ons with each other. Any final thoughts on your list?

Connor: I did, I just thought it was so interesting how passionately I wrote sexual tension. Cause I was like "oh yeah, guys" I went back to a very specific memory and I was like "oh yeah, that's--" obviously because these are positive things that goes back to positive experiences and memories and-- and, I think that's always healthy to do, reflect positively on like what worked, and what was good about it. 

Dr. Doe: Well thank you Connor for coming and doing this--

Connor: Thank you for having me!

Dr. Doe: -- this very peculiar exercise with me.

Connor: We made fun crafts!

Dr. Doe: We did!

Dr. Doe and Connor: Stay Curious!

Dr. Doe: Thanks for checking out our video, thanks for being a part of our social experiment with turn-ons. Absolutely check out Connor Manning. His channel is in the description, and here is an annotation to a good one! Thanks! Bye!