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Welcome to the 2013 P4A live show, where we discover great p4a videos together and bomb them with love and comments. Every comment is worth a penny (as is every #p4a tweet). Thanks for being part of this, and DFTBA!

Hello and welcome to the 2013 Project for Awesome. Woooooooooooow!

I hoped that worked because it was a very dramatic beginning.

Stan, they can see the water stain on the ceiling. Should I be concerned about that? (No because we're moving)
The office is moving. ahhhhhh Welcome!
I'm on my treadmill desk. ummm and uhh

So let me give you a quick update on where the Project for Awesome is. I know that it only started like 2 minutes ago, but uhh
So here's where we are.

If you go to right now. 
If you go to right now, you'll see that we have currently raised in the first minute of the project for awesome we have raised  183,876 dollars.
That's an incredibly good first minute.
If all of our minutes are like that we gonna raise hundreds of millions of dollars. But probably they won't be all that good.
But yeah. So we've 183,000 dollars. Every dollar that you donate through the Project for Awesome IndieGogo, there should be a link in the doobly doo right below you. Assuming that this is working. I'm not entirely sure that this is working - hold on I'm going to do some typing.
I'm just so excited, y'know. This is crazy. This is my favorite...

Oh, there's my face! Nope nope. That's the wrong video. Oh. I saw it though. I saw it over there. The Project for Awesome Livestream Begins. Is it in the doobly doo? Yes it is!

Alright so if you go to the dooblydoo you can see there's a donate link that goes to an indiegogo project for awesome. And there we've raised 68,737 dollars again in the first two minutes. We launched yesterday softly.
There are lots of amazing perks that you can get at the Project for Awesome Indiegogo. I'm going to go through them and I'm going to tell you why I think that you should get them.

But first off I should tell you that every dollar that you donate to the foundation for decrease worldsuck except for the costs of printing calendars and stuff like that, and PayPal and credit card fees or whatever. 
Every dollar that you donate goes to the charities that are chosen by us as a community at So is where you choose what charities you think the money should go to. It's a very important thing because collectively we're trying to be good stewards of this money that we're raising, which right now is a lot of money.  It's already 183,000 dollars. So we want to be smart about how we spend that money. We want to make sure that it does the most good for the most people. That's a big part of the project for awesome. It's not just about raising money, it's not just about raising awareness for charities through all of the P4A videos that are being uploaded right now. It's also about having to think collectively as a community what's really important in understanding that when you're being a philanthropist you have to strategize and you have to prioritize. So I'm asking you now as we start the p4A over the next 48 hours, vote carefully because this is a lot of money. and it's going to go to organizations that really need it. Now of course there's like an endless amount of need in the world, and we can't fund everything. And that's one of the challenges of the P4A, but that's one of the reasons I find it really interesting.

I"m going to go through some perks. Again, there's a link right there for the IndieGogo that you can go to to donate right now. We are nearing $69,000 in donations. Oh my gosh. We're over 69,000.

So I'm going to tell you that when we get over $200,000 - also every dollar that you donate counts as $2 thanks to generous anonymous donors until we get to $125,000 but once we get to there it's all downhill from there.. So umm. I'm going to go through some of the perks.

Hank has a holiday CD, an EP with songs like White Christmas, Jingle Bells, Auld Lang Syne, which is I think is one of the greatest songs ever written. And I don't understand why we can only listen to it in December and maybe the earliest of January. I think that that should be an all year-long song whereas I think other Christmas Carols should not be ever-year songs.  Anyway you can get that for $6. It's a digital download and he also has fascinating bits of Christmas trivia on it.

You can also enter to win HPA, the Harry Potter Alliance, signed JK Rowling book, which is pretty amazing. And there's (5:37)