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After 10 information-heavy episodes, it's time for a little Bad Astronomy.

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CC Kids:
Phil: The sun is a star... and that's all there is to it. And we're done. Today you learned... *laughing*

Crew: *Laughing* That's a wrap everybody


(0:23) Phil: here we go, alright... The rollercoaster begins 

(0:27) Phil: I blurched my cheek there too

Crew: *laughing* 

(0:33) Phil: Everything'll be great from here on in

(0:37)Phil: Wide Sponge Bob Wide! That kills with eight year olds

(0:45) Crew: *Laughter*

Phil: I'm so dreamy! (in a high pitch)

(0:48) Phil: Take me to this Houston.

(0:50) Phil: This makes it extremely difficult to see... *burp* .... urgghh curses

Crew: *laughing*

(0:56) Phil: Notice that the Earth's axis is tilted... that is it's not straight up and down... I don't know how I was doing that... where was I going with that? It's not... It's not straight up and down...

(1:09) Phil: gnehh

(1:11) *Phone goes off*

Phil: *huffy laugh*

(1:12) Phil: A mere 0.00005% *does a quick re-count* did I do that right? I'm counting on my fingers and I'm not sure I did that right.... wow.

Crew: *laughing*

(1:23)Phil: Words that have similar etilo... etimelogicblahm syegemem...


(1:29) Phil: Space was too big and random encounters were raa-are...hmmm. Lhmmm.

Crew: *laughing* 

(1:34) Phil: And Johannes Kepler *raspberry*

(1:39) Phil: It's hard to look natural... on purpose...

(1:41) Phil: *Schwarzenegger impression* If we're ova here we look down over zah entire lit side of zah moon, it looks fully illuminated or full

(1:1:48) Crew: Oh it's just my eye... okay good...

(1:51) Phil: Wasn't a big smile but it's a smile...

Crew: Good energy

(1:54) Phil: *Goofy-esque laugh*

(1:55) Phil: They can also be used during day on... during the day on hikes, during the dayy... on hikes doing the... and the thing... with the stuff.

(2:02)Phil:  And that's why we have *Phone alert*

(2:07) Phil: If I panic it's because I'm scrolling off the edge 

Crew: *laughter*

(2:10) Phil: Here's the one, here's the take

(2:12) Phil: A star... emyah mnya

(2:14) Phil: Bedoo bedooo

(2:15) Crew: You're doing a great job... mkay this is all...

Phil: I am. 

Both: *laugh*

(2:19) Phil: *quiet mumbling*

(2:21) Phil: I'm doing that Popeye thing again. Ackackack If you space even the most cursorys attention

(2:26) Phil: We've learned of other forms of invisible light.......

Crew: *Laughing*

(2:32) Phil: (corny radio announcer voice) That brings us to out first edition of Focus On... (normal voice) Who are we, why do we smell funny? 

Crew: *Laughing*

(2:43) Phil: *poppoppop*

(2:44)Phil: The fourth, the vorth

Crew: You can start with "Since"

Phil: Okay... sinth

(2:49) Phil: This stuff is so much more complicated than I'm making it... We're not quite wrong, we're skirting the edge...

(2:56) Phil: *Goofy-esque laugh* Alright, I can take instructions!

(3:00) Phil: Gravity is also... attractive

(3:03) Phil: FIRMLY in the history books...

(3:04) Phil: Through a complicated series of steps that I'm not going to go through now because oh my god would that have tripled the length of this episode. 

(3:12) Phil: Should Mercury be stripped of it mthudededah...sveh?

(3:16) Phil: ... finally 

(3:18) Phil: Good thing I love the sound of my voice

(3:21) Phil: But these days! Get off my eye piece!

(3:24) Phil: Incdentally... oh, fwah, INcidentally 

(3:26) Phil: This episode was written by... meee Monty Burns!

(3:29) Phil: *Poppoppop*

(3:30) Phil: And don't forget to go to and subthcwibe... bpthhh

(3:36) Phil: And don't forget to go to crasscourse... cwashcurse yeefen // ind subrscibsesen to teh vedyas ther // (and subscribe to the video's there in a strange voice) 

(3:45) Phil: And our produscters... *raspberry*

(3:47) Phil: Thanks for watching ...

Crew: *laughing* Annnd cut

Phil: Yeah haha We're done. Thanks for watching!