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When does a baby's eye color stop changing? Are plastics bad for you? These questions and more answered this week on Health Care Triage LIVE!

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00:04 - WE'RE LIVE!

01:52 - 1.You said in your nutrition video that it better to eat 2 apples than to drink the same 27g (or whatever it was) of sugar in apple juice. Why? 27g of sugar is 27g of sugar.

03:40 - 2. Listerine. Wikipedia says 3/10 meta analyses found link to oral cancer. I'm a lazy brusher but doesn't mind using Listerine. Thoughts?

06:15 - 3. Is there any evidence that the body absorption rate for caffeine is higher when taken from a liquid like coffee or tea as compared to taken from a capsule or pill?

08:00 - 4. Is Rh factor and blood type linked at all? Or are these 2 completely different things?

09:05 - 5. Are devices that help babies to sit/stand before they are able to unassisted (bumbo, jumparoo, exersaucer) bad for development?

11:25 - 6. A French doctor told me that food allergies are very rare in France. He adds that it's possibly due to the very low amounts of GMO they eat there. Any research on that?

14:10 - 7. Would it be bad for non-smokers to use NRTs as psychostimulants? What are the risks? It seems like it can have some cognitive benefits, but I can't find any research on their use in non-smokers.

15:40 - 8. I have chronic yeast infections. I get one every month. Is it unsafe to take the over the
counter anti-fungal medication for them every month? Home remedies have not worked.

16:42 - 9. What does the research show regarding the link between mood/mental health and gut bacteria?

18:43 - 10. With the Supreme Court's decision on allow same-sex couples to marry, lots of people have been posting misinfo of the effects of same-sex couples on kids. What does the science actually say about this?

21:03 - 11. At what age does a baby's eye color stay what it is? (ours is blue and I'm curious if they'll shift at 1 year or something as I've heard all kinds of stories).

21:48 - 12. Are sugar free gummy bears actually laxatives or is that just an internet joke?

23:18 - 13. What are your thoughts on statins and their use? Do you think they are overprescribed or as necessary as the health community purports them to be?

24:43 - 14. Are plastics bad for you? A lot of people refuse to eat out of plastic containers, especially after food has been reheated in the microwave.

25:38 - 15. Is hitting Snooze bad for my sleep habits? I struggle with waking up & want to be a morning person, but it's so nice to ignore the alarm for 5 minutes. Is this counterproductive to waking up early?

26:08 - 16. If teaching people about vaccinations makes them less likely to vaccinate, isn't the best thing for society to require everyone to be vaccinated?

27:18 - 17. Prisons are the biggest mental health providers in the US. Why do you think medical care, including psychotropic medication, doesn't usually play a bigger part in rehabilitation?

27:48 - 18. Does soy sauce affect hormones in any significant way? I love soy sauce

29:03 - 19. What's your method for selecting studies to cite in HCT? Do you ever feel like you'd like to do systematic reviews rather than narrative ones for the show?

30:30 - Byyyyyyye
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