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In which Hank talks more about the Project for Awesome.

We'll be on BlogTV ALL DAY Tomorrow

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It's the day before the Project for Awesome, almost the day of the Project for Awesome, and I'm going crazy trying to organize everything and making my own Project for Awesome video, which I have been doing all day long. So hopefully you are already making your video, and if you have not, start right now, geez! Also hopefully you've cleared your entire schedule for the next two days just to enjoy and watch and rate and comment Project for Awesome videos.

John, myself, and my wife will be spending pretty much the entire 48 hours of the 17th and 18th doing just that. John will be on BlogTV starting 12 noon Eastern, 9am on the West Coast, I have no idea other times if you're not in America; I'm sorry, I'm stupid. And I'm probably gonna sleep in a little bit and then take us deep into the night as I'm on BlogTV... link in the sidebar.

We'll be there talking about whatever it is we're doing, and helping people out with their Project for Awesome videos, and generally discussing the awesome. I sort of met a lot of YouTubers that I now consider to be my friends. I'm actually really, really... really, really, really, really, really excited about this because last year I just remember how much fun it was.

I mean, it was like this huge YouTube-wide party in which people were all hanging out in the comments, and sometimes Katherine and I would be commenting on different videos and then... I'd, like, go over and I'd see Katherine's comments somewhere else. Or we'd end up suddenly commenting on the same video as one another and having comment conversations.

And I found so many new YouTubers that I didn't know about, and I really, really like their videos, and we became friends, and we've met in real life since, and I'm really looking forward to having more of those experiences where I feel like I'm part of a community, where I feel like I'm hangin' out with my friends and meeting new people, and... and also doing good things! It's like a charity ball, except you can do it in a dark basement, alone, in the nude! Some reports are in that the thumbnail thing isn't working, and I'm really sorry about the thumbnail thing not working.

I think that if you're going to screw up my project by changing the way that the thumbnails work, then you have to put me on the front page of YouTube... and, you know, that's what I said to them, and that's what they did. But, we do have solutions now! We have new solutions that are even better!

Some people have fixed the problem by creating a greenscreen, which is something I don't have, and they have the Project for Awesome behind them in the greenscreen all the time. And that is great if you have a greenscreen. Some people have fixed it by having a picture-in-picture, and then they have the Project for Awesome thing in the picture-in-picture, which I can do. [oddly] Voilà! [normal voice] Or you can do something like this, where it's just always there and you're talking.

As long as it looks like this, people are gonna know... what it is. And if you want to download this file and print it out, you can... if you have a printer! A link to that file is in the sidebar!

But the thing that will work for everyone is if you put the Project for Awesome thumbnail as the entire second half of your video. So basically, if your video is, like, two minutes long, then you have two minutes at the end of your video which you then have to fill up with the Project for Awesome thumbnail. And you can have just the thumbnail; or you can talk in the background if you want to, just sort of blabber... blather, blabbery-bl-blather; make funny noises like "blabbery-bl-blather"; or you can put a song that you have the rights to... one of my songs from my album will be just fine; you have permission to use one of those.

Okay, I've just decided what I'm gonna do; I'm gonna write a Project for Awesome song right now, and then I'm gonna play it, and I'm gonna make an MP3, and I'm gonna put that in the sidebar. And it's gonna be really long, so you can have the entire end of your video be that with the Project for Awesome song if you would like to do it that way. Otherwise, you can just talk, or have silence.

As long as the second half of your video is all Project for Awesome thumbnail, then you can click on your "Edit Video" link, and you can change the thumbnail to the last thumbnail, which will be the Project for Awesome thumbnail. Yay! It's a solution!

I have to write a song now... fast. Okay, I'm gonna go finish my Project for Awesome video; I suggest that you do the same! Project for Awesome: It's better than a possum on blossom!...

Which you will understand once you listen to the MP3 that is now in the sidebar. Yes, I have already written the song. Yes, it was fun.

But it is not good [laughs], so don't expect it to be. Until tomorrow! ... Awesome.