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Good morning, John, and welcome to the Project for Awesome 2023 Meme Review! During the Project for Awesome, people make things and then they submit them to the Project for Awesome art folder, including this music that you're hearing right now from Ickle. There was a whole album of techno-vlogbrother stuff. I'm still pretty hyped from the Project for Awesome and the two cups of black tea that I just had. Five, count them, five folders on my desktop that I have filled with stuff. And relying on the fact that I have two years in a row gotten permission to make extra long videos, I'm gonna do that starting, of course, since it's a Meme Review, with the folder labeled "Memes." 

♪ -daylight. 2019 was such a trash year, there's no way 2020 could be worse ♪

Just like the Project for Awesome, there is no rhyme or reason to this. You just start somewhere in the middle and you the peeps in the bean can and add the Dr. Pepper.

All these powerful white men are-are laughin' at John Green 'cause they put the Dr. Pepper on peeps. And at that point ya have to do it. I don't know if I've said this before, but I actually wrapped, like, gift-wrapped the peeps and it said, "Project for Awesome Day 1. Open on Day 1." And then my son thought it was a present for him and he opened it at John's house and just started eating them.

Sound financial decisions and me being held back by sending two middle aged guys to a restaurant. It's $20 and we are gonna make it worth it.

Everywhere I go...I see his face. Dicky-dee-dee.

Look I'm not necessarily proud. I did buy way too many, oh geez, I just spilled pickle juice on myself! It wasn't totally sealed! Well I do still have my paper towels because it's Project for Awesome and the most important thing is paper to- look how many paper towels I used. Let's just all take a moment to be grateful for Katherine Green. Anyway, I bought too many all I wanted to say.

♩ Just putting beans in the bean hole. ♩

I've got a bean shirt on and a Banana Loca in one hand and a corn dog in the other. Any cylindrical food is on the table. I did buy hot dogs this year and I didn't end up using them. Next year.

Project for Awesome audience just watchin' me slappin' Dr. Pepper baked beans on an unsuspecting pickle.

Hank Green slurping Dr. Pepper beans from a Banana Loca doesn't exist, it can't hurt you. Oh yeah? You think so? I mean had to get them out somehow.

I don't know, 

 (02:00) to (04:00)

I feel like everyone was having a good time!

And I stand by the fact that a Twinkie filled with Dr. Pepper baked beans is better than a Twinkie not filled with Dr. Pepper baked beans.

This is in reference to the auction that we had for Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool screen-worn watch. Me and Ray were in a tight battle, and then Ben came out at the last second. Kachow!

This is great because it does look like he is joking, but he is not joking. Dustin was responsible for the largest single hour of the Project for Awesome this year.

Support the Project for Awesome by watching the livestream, by voting on videos, by donating, by getting married and moving to North Dakota. That's a deep cut, but that was a fun part of the stream.

Guests are ready, signal's strong, donations steady, made a donation to the Project already, Hank's confetti. If you got the confetti perk, I've ordered some special stickers to close these up with them. I'm just waiting on that, and then they'll go out to ya.

Me before Me after I get a premium subscription to have a crab in my inbox every month. I love this because I know the screen cap that this video is from 'cause Orin and I watch it together all the time and we dance.

Cap'n Crunch. Gotta love any amount of Darcy that gets into the memes.

Me and John both cronched a lemon, uh, and it was bad. Both times.  

Cronch, uh, lookin' at Darcy cronching a carrot instead of me cronching a lemon. And look, I don't know, I feel like Ip ut more into that Darcy did.

"You can't defeat me" Humans: "I know, but she can." That's right. Darcy cronching carrots was responsible for us breaking through the two million dollar barrier. 

This was in like the first moments of the Project for Awesome where I was like, "I guess it's begun. I'm gonna make a hole in the bottom of a peep that's Dr. Pepper flavored and filled with beans. We didn't have to hit a goal to get there or anything, I just couldn't stop myself, and I don't know that John liked it. 

"For every $10,000, we will reward Darcy with carrots." Nerdfighters smack smack smack smack.

[Hank laughing] It's so g- his spaceship is very good.

Friendship ended with beans. Now hummus is my best friend. We- that was the first mention of hummus of this whole Meme Review?!

I don't know if anybody was happy to see the Banana Loca come back. Weirdly I now have two because I was gifted one by a friend who didn't know I had one who knew that I would want one. So, I'm like

 (04:00) to (06:00)

this in real life. 

I a little bit like the part where you don't like it. Like you have to know that, right?

I tried to cronch a carrot as good as Darcy. I don't actually think I did. I think I did a worse job.

So the story behind the hummus is that it turns out, one of the stock notification sounds in Slack is just a woman saying hummus. And I changed it because people donated for me to change it and I left it that way for the entire Project for Awesome. But I did mute the more active Slack channels and before I did that, there was a lot of hummus happening. It was little overwhelming. 

Yeah, like this.

And like that.

And like that.

Spending $20 on something I need. Spending $20 so that two guys can go to a Rax. I don't know if you needed that, but I think that we all needed that.

[Hank laughing] Yeah. They knew. Ultimately it is a little hard for it not to be a problem tummy time, the Project for Awesome. But we work through it.

I'm gonna donate for a perk that is so bean-filled. You don't actually get any bean-filled perks. That's not- that's not available...yet! Maybe next year!

Biting a citrus. Cronching a lomen. [Hank laughing] I don't feel it was supposed to be lemon, but it says lomen and that's great.

Never ask a woman her age, a man his salary, Hank where the slip of paper from the balloon went. I never found it. Could- maybe it's in, like, one of these cracks or it, like, flew into the bookshelf somewhere. I never found it. Someday I will. 

We had to vote on who the mascot of the 2023 Project for Awesome was and T-Rax clobbered hummus. 

Lemon lips man was the other option, uh, it wasn't even close. 

This is great because the meme was referencing itself. Fantastic work. 

John cannot be quiet about tuberculosis at the moment, but God bless him for it. I- John, I love you for who you are.

Oh yeah, when I cronched the lemon, my lips swelled up. And I looked like this guy from Monsters, Inc.

Also last year, I had to pretend to be a crab. This year, I had to pretend to be a cute little housefly and both times it definitely hurt my knees. 

I did decide that the phone a friend task was too easy, so I taped my phone to my foot, which also might be part of the reason why my knee hurts.

This is part of the story of this year's Project for Awesome. We decide- we like we had to commit to the bit. We had to make it a priority. It's been too long. We've talked about Rax and not been to a Rax, we're gonna go to Rax! 

Which might be a problem for our pants, but we're gonna do it anyway- are we gonna talk about why Rax is bad

 (06:00) to (08:00)

for your pants? It's very...deep. It's too deep. 

It's time to go. Was I a good restaurant? No. You ruined pants. [Hank laughing] I don't even really know where it came from!

This is great 'cause it's Destin on the moon and he's Mr. T, which is tuberculosis Rax, T-Rax is as well.  Hello! The moon you can eat here. It's everything, it's got everything all at once.

Marked safe from beans on a peeps. You're not, you're never safe. 

The two vibes for the Project for Awesome are a little bit contradictory, but I think they come together very well. 

Someone accidentally bit $42,000 for the watch and we had to roll it back, but luckily we were able to do that.  

Stay up to date on your raxinations. 

The Internet's hottest club is the P4A livestream. This place has everything: bean filled pickles, the word hummus, fast food restaurant chain Rax. Honestly, that list could have gone on way longer and not gotten any less weird. Big lemon lips, a furby made of beans, and dinosaurs going to the Moon. If you don't know about Stefan, this doesn't make sense, but that's okay.

Who would win?: Famous science educator or a puzzle of electric rat. The puzzle of the electric rat won. I actually found the piece that I couldn't find after the stream ended. 

You think you're gonna get beans? No, you mostly get Slack hummus..and beans though!

Baked beans? No. Lemons? No. Lemon baked beans? I put a little bit of lemon juice in the Dr. Pepper baked beans and it was way- it was so good. It was way better. It needed something to cut that sugar. 

Is there a world where I could give Paul Hollywood a pickle stuffed with baked beans because I feel like that would be an achievement. 

Destin kept saying tartaria, which I understand, it looks like tartaria now that I'm lookin' at it. Tuataria is how it's pronounced. 

I like that spaceship. That's a nice spaceship.'re memeing the concept of hummus? And it was a good mascot, maybe just not the best.  

They are both the P4A. I cannot disagree. 

Ey look it's the part where I had my phone taped to my foot. And I called my friend Joe!

Just drowning in hummus, I couldn't make it out.

Who would win?: One Hank

 (08:00) to (10:00)

 Green or one lemon boi. One lemon boi would win.

[Hank laughing] No. Was I just whining about my knee the whole time? I'm sure I was.

And that's the end! That's the end of the memes everybody! Time to move onto the next folder. None of them are going to be anywhere as long as the memes, but we do have one folder that's just called "hummus." 

This almost ended up in the art folder because it's beautiful.

Oh my God it's hummus. 


Hank trying to raise money for charity. The train's coming by, it says "hummus."

Listening for Hummus by Hank Green. Special 16th anniversary edition, #1 inside joke for Nerdfighteria of Project for Awesome 2023. 

Evocative hummus meme. 

A Rax being dipped into hummus.

This person knitted a hummus thing?


We're hummus because we're hummus.

And finally a hummus furby. And not the last one you'l see today!

What's our next folder called you ask? It's called "T-Rax" and it's just Rax stuff. 

This is a baby picture of me taking the place of another child who was in a Rax commercial. Deep cut, well done.

Mr. Delicious as a T-Rex on the Earth, so big he's goin' to space, he's almost at the Moon.

A little T-Rax sayin' hummus. It was well-established that T-Rax only eats hummus and is a vegetarian. 

Hank and John's Raxcellent adventure. Ruin your pant. 

Be Raxcellent to each other. That is absolutely what I would look like in a crop top. Endless salad bar...and hummus.

An Absolutely Raxtravagent Trip with Hank and John. The boys are goin' to Rax. #1 Project for Awesome perk. It was the #2 Project for Awesome perk, so...pretty amazing.

T-Rax! Mr. P4A!

I will wreck your pants. 

This guy's on a skateboard.

Because it's time to make Rax a priority. 

We are rebranding Rax from the bottom up and it's gonna be amazing. 

Here I am with a lemon in my mouth, ridin' on Mr. D as a T-Rex. I don't know why I have so many tattoos. 

Rax: You can eat here. Endless hummus bar. 

And this folder is lemon stuff, but there's only four things in it.

 (10:00) to (12:00)

I think I got confused halfway through, but here it is.

This is a lemon crab saying hummus and I think it's Crank Green, so it's also me. If only it were also a dinosaur.

I didn't feel bad for the lemon before, but I do a little bit now. 

You don't have to understand that joke. But, there it is.

And finally, this: It's a crab with lemon lips and my glasses and it's got my press-on nails on. Turns out, impossible to play guitar with the press-on nails on your string fingers. 

And we cap it all off with the last folder on my desktop. This one is just labeled "art." It's just art. It's things that were too beautiful for me to- it's called the memes. 

Including me as a housefly. That's a little bit too well done. It's kind of freaking me out. I'm giant, I'm not a cute little fly. I'm a big scary fly. I'm a big scary flying man. I have a lot of little hairs.

I would love to get into carrot business just so we can make organize Darcy cronch carrots. Mhmm, it's good.

Be weird, do good. If that's not the Project for Awesome, I don't know what is.

For at some point, I pretended to be a crab while doing Shakespeare. I forgot about that until this moment. 

This is my very large face with the word "beans" superimposed over it because this is becoming my brand. 

Eternal salad bar. What a beautiful, but creepy Rax. Very Twin Peaks.

Destin goin' to the Moon in his spaceship car.

5'9" brown eyes in a sundress, which is just a Dear Hank & John joke. It's- this has nothing to do with the Project for Awesome.

I don't know if many people would buy hummus if this was the branding, but I know that I would.

We have to stop saying, "now we're cooking with gas." We need to stop cooking with gas, and it's not even as good as solar-powered induction. 

I could definitely see this one on a T-shirt, but then you'd have to explain it to people.


Somebody made a bunch of Project of Awesome cookies. There's T-Rax, there's Cronchin', there's a Bean Pickle, there's Crank Green. They look delicious.

A really lovely "we're here because we're here" spiral. I don't know how you do that that well.

A lil' Darcy-ade watercolor.

A lil' Crabulous 2.0 watercolor.

A lil' lemon lips watercolor.  

A Tuberculosis Focused Endeavor; Project for Awesome staple with lemon cronch panic attack, John Green, a rabbit hole.

 (12:00) to (14:00)

Cronch! It's beautiful!

"We're hummus because we're hummus." Also a thing that happened.

A crab with the longest eyelashes you've ever seen and a feather boa and some big ol' lips.

Beautiful Project for Awesome mandala.

Again, another quite creepy Rax image. It's starting to feel kind of threatening with the eternal salad bar.

This color pencil T-Rax is so cute. He's got a head of hair, which you just don't seen on dinosaurs very often.

Many of these things seem like they would've taken more than two days to do, but I don't know. I don't, like, I don't know how, I've never made anything like this. I have no idea how hard it is to make, but it seems very difficult.

Lemons lips, no hips. That's me, Hank Green.

A bean peep.

A bunch of dogs.

P4A: You can cry here. It's in the founding documents. It's not required, but it is encouraged.

I mean, we did the coffee club, we did the sock club, what's next?

This is gorgeous and must've taken a very long time. Had to be more than just a Project for Awesome.

A Project for Awesome vision board. You just keep cramming stuff in because more weird things are gonna happen.

This is so cute. He's w wonderful.

[Hank laughing] That's-that's art right? I don't- like what am I supposed to say.

T-Rax eatin' hummus and destroying pants. 

Lil' Darcy carrot. Very cute.

Tony Orange. I couldn't remember Ted Lasso's name and I knew that his last name was a noun. That's what my brain was telling me.

Okay, if you look very closely, Mr. Delicious is inside of this T-Rax. [Hank laughing] He's wearing like it- like that's his spacesuit. 

Nerdfighteria turned 16 this year, so it's got a driver's licence of course, and just so you know, it is an organ donor.

Be gay, move to North Dakota; Self-care is punk rock; Cronch; 2 million!; Kevin- RIP Kevin's Camera; Butt City East and West. So much is happening! That's the hummus just going around everything. 

Oh that's beautiful.

Tony Orange: Believe.

Me and John, Pizzaman and, ugh, I guess Beanboy? I don't know what else to c- oh no. Don't- forget I said it.

Dustin's giving a press conference to, just to notice, a bunch of dinosaurs. 

I did break an egg over my head,

 (14:00) to (16:00)

I did immediately regret it. 

Maybe they were trying to predict that I would write "butts" on my head, but I didn't sharpie-face at all this year. 

This is a beautiful self-care bunny.

Lil' I love you card, and there's a Crank Green inside of it down in the bottom of the heart. He's so cute.

Another doodle board of things going on. You are on Earth and no one can take that away from you. 

Hank Green's Hunky Chalsa, 100% a profit to charity.

We're queer because we're queer, very nice T-shirt design.

This lemon, it's not having a good time, I wasn't having a good time, nobody came out of this interaction happy. 

Another collage. Because we're here; P4A 2023; DFTBA; Cronch. P- I love this triangle in the middle of the rainbow, it's really pretty.

[Hank laughing] I don't know what to say about this. What's up with the giant space dinosaur? I don't know, it's going to the Moon obviously.

This is so great. I love this, it's so adorable. [Hank laughing] It's really nice. 

Dinosaurs in space, Gumball Mike of course. 

John Green getting sharpie-faced into from like a sort of Sigmund Freud character here all the way to a very punk rock figure.

And then there's Hank Green lemon lips, no hips again. This is very good. But literally no hips in this situation and I love that P4A logo you made.

You are a dino on the moon and no one can take that away from you. 

Hank Green and my new book The Anthropobean Refilled. [Hank laughing] Spilled can edition, my goodness.

And then The Beans in My Pickle by Crank Green, oh I think all of these were done by the same person, so I don't know who it was but thank you, it was genius. 


Tony Orange, again. P4A+. I think that's basically the, uh, digital download bundle as P4A+.

And then of course there's this Hanklerfish cronching a lemon. He's lovely, and he's made a mistake. 

Certainly one of the greatest pieces of Project for Awesome art this year. It was these two long furbies. One is a lemon hummus long furby and the other is a bean pickle long furby with the crack in it that the beans were coming out of, which did happen to my pickle. It's not really anything more perfect than that. I bought this as a sticker and I'm gonna put it on my laptop 'cause I love my life!

We're hummus because we're a lemon

 (16:00) to (18:00)

crab with gigantic lips.

A lot of people make a lil' compilation images of their whole weekend. I love them, this was a nice one.

A nice little lemon lips logo 'cause I had the lemon lips.

John Green watercolor sketch.

This lil' baby meeting its mommy, Strong Sad, with a crab playing with them. I can't explain, but it was a nice moment. I really feel like it was.

The Road to Rax. Like it's a video game, level one and we have to fight that giant Dr. Pepper peep, then we gotta fight the Bean Pickle, then we gotta the fight the Lemon Lips, and then we gotta fight just a bunch of coffee beans 'cause at one point I did just eat raw coffee beans. And then last, you gotta fight Tyrannosaurus Rax. 

'Cause it turns out, maybe a lot of the beauty aesthetics of that time came from thinking that people with consumption were extra hot. 

It froze on John's face when he was making that frowny face. He was- it was like that for, like, a full 30 seconds and it was such a perfect meme face. It's absolutely beautiful, so you could screen cap that for any any use that you want.

We're here because we're here, but it spells out hummus.

Raising nerdy to the power of awesome. 

Be weird, do good. 

And it's a T-Rex at the Rax. New item lemon lips and it's just roaring out hummus.

And finally, the first piece of art I saw and the last one I will show you today is this 3D art of beans stuffed inside of a Dr. Pepper peep. 

It was a truly magical Project for Awesome. There were so many ridiculous beautiful memorable moments. There was this. I'll never forget this. It was like I did a magic trick, but I- none of it was on purpose. Not even the confetti stuck to the balloon. There are a lot of ways to find meaning and purpose in this world, but the Project for Awesome is one that we kinda made up from scratch and it is just ever so good. I'm so grateful to all of you who were a part of it in whatever way you were. And of course I'm also very grateful to you John, we had a really good time. It was a good ol' time and now now I have to figure out how to take all my lights down without getting them all tangled up. And John, I will see you on Tuesday.