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Haytham Kenway continues to explore the ship and finds some clues. Then, there's a storm... it's dramatic!
Hank: Hello and welcome to Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed Revelations. Last time I noticed that some people were doing something - why is there a backwards wheel?

Wait, I thought I was talking to that guy over here. I wasn't. Okay never mind, that makes sense, everybody that makes sense, I got turned around, everything's fine.

Whatcha doing? There are people doing something odd. What's up, why've you got this thing around... play a game? I don't wanna play a game. What's up?

Sailor: I ain't got nothing to say to you.

Hank: Oh come on. Where's my little green dot when I need it? I wonder what would happen if I punched one of these guys. I can't. The answer to that question is I can't. This is weird.

Mills: Quite the basting you gave Graves and Quill.

Hank: That was quite a long time ago, it was like a week ago.

Haytham: It wasn't by choice.

Mills: Aye, blockheads, the both of them. Where are my manners. Louis Mills. Pleased to meet you.

Hank: Oh, not a J.

Haytham: Haytham Kenway. So, should I be watching my back?

Mills: I think the boys learned their lesson. They're normally not so nasty. Honest, it's just the past few crossings have been a bit rough.

Haytham: Oh?

Hank: Maybe they should stick around in America.

Mills: Captain's trying to cut costs, reduced rations, lower wages, more dangerous cargo - it's put the crew on edge.

Hank: Dangerous cargo?

Haytham: Is there cause for concern then?

Mills: Not if I can help it. But the Captain needs to think about the way he treats his men.

Hank: Well, the men aren't doing anything are they? What is this one for? Waterbury. I already looked at that. I'm gonna go check out the chef, or the doctor. Let's see what the doctor's up to... I thought... he's not here. Oh, he's right there. Why do I need eagle vision?

Okay, I found a thing. Analyze the results. What we got? What we got, dangerous cargo? We got some more dangerous cargo of some sort? We're going pretty slow, if it took me that long to cross here.

Haytham: Curious. Hmm... most curious.

Hank: Yeah I got it, good though. Return to your cabin to end the day. I wanna talk to the doctor! Where are - what are you doing? Just playing a game of chance, just having a conversation of friends? I walked through a drape.

Alright, going to bed, going to bed. Write your little letter to your little friends - Desmond.

On screen: Atlantic Ocean, Day 33

Hank: *Yawn* Alright, that's a lot of days. I... this makes me nervous, man. Sailing is fascinating. Let me tell you the history, the... physics.

Captain: Any news?

Haytham: Each night it's the same, I scout one area and they drop the painted barrels from another. I'm going to have to recruit an extra pair of eyes. Maybe James or Mills.

Captain: Why are they doing this?

Haytham: Near as I can tell, the barrels serve as markers. They're leaving a trail. I fear it is only a matter of time before whoever's following it -

Sailor: Ship sighted aft! She's making ready to fire!

Captain: Beat to quarters men! Ready the - brace! Everybody down!

Hank: Guys, you saw a ship before it was in firing distance in the 1700s, 100% of the time.

Captain: A warning shot. It seems they don't mean to sink us, but board us instead. Man the cannons! Make ready to fight!

Hank: Alright, we're gonna make ready to fight. I can fight.

Captain: I want you below decks!

Haytham: Why? Let me help you secure the ship.

Hank: I can fight.

Captain: Do you know how to rig a sail? To load a cannon? To wage war at sea? I didn't think so. Now return to your cabin - or do I need to have you escorted?

Hank: I don't know how to do any of those things. You should have taught me how to do those things. I'm really useful in a fight. 

Captain: Secure the hatch!

Hank: Oh c'mon.

Mills: Haytham.

Haytham: Have you been topside? A ship's appeared and means to board us. But it's strange, there's no sign of mutiny aboard. It doesn't make sense.

Mills: Ah, but it does.

Haytham: What do you mean?

Mills: Did you think you could escape from London so easily after what you did at the opera?

Hank: Oh no.

Mills:That we wouldn't notice? That we wouldn't follow?

Hank: It's all for me.

Haytham: Ahhh, so that's what this is about.

Mills: Surrender, and I will see that you are treated with honour.

Hank: Nope, I'm gonna kill everybody.

Haytham: If you wish to treat me with honour, give me a sword.

Mills: Are you sure this is how you want to play it?

Hank: Oh, you're so gonna die. You're making a big mistake dude. Oh, that's a big mistake, you've just made the biggest mistake of your life, and I'll try not to kill you. Oh, he must be killed.

Ow. B. What is this? I'm not paying attention. Well, that wasn't... I mean... yeah.

Captain: I told you to stay bellow decks.

Haytham: I did as you asked, only Mills was there waiting for me. He's the one who drew that ship here. There was no mutiny, only him.

Captain: What do they want?

Hank: They want me.

Haytham: Me.

Captain: Then they can have you.

Haytham: Is that so?

Captain: They'll catch us anyway, there's nothing to be done.

Haytham: I can think of something.

Captain: You wish us to sail into the storm?

Haytham: It's our only chance.

Captain: I won't do it.

Haytham: Then I will.

Captain: Alright, alright.

Hank: Wow, I kinda don't like you right now. But, you know, I guess you've got a mission to do. Sail into the storm.

On screen: Atlantic Ocean, later that day...

Hank: Later that day. There's rain falling on the camera lens, that's weird, that you would do that effect in this situation.

Captain: We need those ropes secured! I told you this was madness!

Haytham: Calm yourself, I'll fix your sail for you.

Sailor: Secure those riggings!

Hank: I will? I thought you knew nothing about this stuff. Secure the rigging, B. It's happening, secure that rigging - you don't know how to do this. You're like a monkey at a typewriter, you have no idea what you're doing.

Oh God, I'm gonna puke just looking at it. Don't know where I'm going - securing rigging! Got more rigging to secure, what are you doing? You just stuck you're head inside a box. It doesn't look like you're doing anything.

Ok, whatever, jiggle jiggle jiggle, wiggle wiggle biggle. Ah, another one, not another one! Again. Broken ropes must be secured.

Captain: We need more speed! Loose the sails! Haytham, you take the foremast. James, to the main mast with you.

James: Aye aye.

Hank: Wow, huh. Am I going up? Am I doing the right thing? I think I am. Ok, weeeeee *laughs* this is fun. During the storm man. Deploy the sail. There's no way to do from downstairs? Seems like the kind of thing you should be able to do downstairs. Also, why would you be opening your sail... oh geez, oh geez. Oh geez.

James: Hurry, I can't hold on much longer!

Hank: I'm coming, I'm coming for you buddy. Wow really? That wasn't safe at all, that was negative safe.

James: Thank you, thank you!

Hank: Are they still following? It sunk, it sunk! All your enemies are dead! Well, at least he was brave enough to try and make sure that everyone was ok.

Atlantic Ocean, day 72!? That's a lot of days. we are at half sail so it's gonna be slow going. Have we started eating the horses yet? Everybody seems okay. He got some French fries? Those look delicious. You feel a little sea sick, a little bit? What, see something? What's happening, something important? Tell me!

Meet the Captain at the bow. I didn't see the second thing. I don't understand the ship! I always... I don't quite know where I'm at. Wow, your fast. Oh, he's over here. Hey Captain.

Captain: Make ready for our arrival men!

Haytham: Arrival? I see no land, only this interminable fog.

Captain: The gulls tell us all we need to know. Climb into the crow's nest and you'll see.

Hank: Okay, can I do - rescue James within the given 29 seconds, I think I did that. Um, you really want me to climb this thing? That's not safe. Go, go up! What the frick dude? How do you climb? Oh, I guess you do it this way.

No, around. Yeah, there you go. Oh, you are a quick one. Um... okay. Get on up, get, go! Up? No? Up? Wow, a little scary. Alright, it doesn't seem like the way I'm supposed to be doing this, in all honesty but you know, here I am.

Is the crows nest still higher? Geez, this games does have a tendency to give me vertigo. Oh, the crows nest doesn't even have a handrail around it. Am I above the fog? I'm above the fog - oh, to the intro title sequence.

Assassins of Catan. That'd be good, why hasn't anyone done that yet? Sequence one, journey to the new world, completed! Thank you very much, thank you for watching this episode of Hank Green plays Assassins Revelations.

You will not see me and I will not see you but you will hear me next time as I - for the first time in my life - set foot on American soil. Goodbye.