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Domino on display. Dramatic algorithm.

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Domino: Gigi Darcy is a spin off of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which is a modernized adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice. The series is created by Hank Green and Bernie Su.

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Gigi Darcy - Allison Paige -
Fitz Williams - Craig Frank -
William Darcy - Daniel Vincent Gordh -

Executive Producer - Hank Green -
Executive Producer - Bernie Su -
Producer - Jenni Powell -
Director - Bernie Su -
Writer - Bernie Su -
Consulting Producer - Margaret Dunlap -
Transmedia Producer - Jay Bushman -
Transmedia Editor - Alexandra Edwards -
Editor - Sam Mollo -
Graphic Design and Visual Effects by - Adam Levermore -
Production Design - Katie Moest -
Sound Editor - Jharon Pritchett -
Production Assistant - Cody Bonsignore
Gigi: Welcome to another demo video of the Pemberley Digital Domino application. Okay, so a lot of you have been asking me how exactly the app works. Well, aside from the programming, which I honestly don't quite understand, the app's recording system picks up on what's interesting based on facial expression and vocal inflections.

So, if I were to talk about how I watched paint dry for five minutes it would know to cut that out, because that would be boring. Instead, the Domino algorithm really latches onto the drama. There's nothing like a little drama to spice up a video demo, right? 

I'm sorry guys, my brain's just a little... uh, I don't know.

[On screen text: 'Incoming call from: Fitz Williams']

Gigi: Oh, thank goodness. Um, answer call.

Fitz: Gigi D, you holding up okay.

Gigi: Yeah, I-I'm fine. Okay, it's tough. I can kinda understand what she's going through... and this is so much bigger. It's incredible how strong they're being, I just wish I could have prevented it.

Fitz: Hey, hey. We're on it. We're gonna stop this.

Gigi: Okay, what're your contacts saying about the website?

Fitz: And, uh, what d'you know about my contacts? 

Gigi: I don't know anything about your contacts, that's why you're going to tell me. 

Fitz: Okay, fair enough. Well, it's a dead end. I mean, everything's anonymous through proxy's and blocked ISP's and stuff. This guy doesn't want to be found, and Darcy's not gonna be able to throw money at this like he did last time. 

Gigi: Yeah, well, we know better than anyone that money doesn't solve everything. 

Fitz: Yeah, anyway, I'm gonna keep digging, but the internet's a big place. 

Gigi: Yeah, I know. Thanks Fitz. 

[call ends]

Gigi: Domino, call William Darcy.

[calling tone]

Darcy: Gigi.

Gigi: Hey, um, where are you?

Darcy: I'm headed to my car. 

Gigi: Are you still in LA?

Darcy: Yes. But I'm heading south. 

Gigi: Orange County? 

Darcy: Yes.

Gigi: So you know where he is.

Darcy: No. I just know he's somewhere in Orange County. I'll, uh, talk to you later-

Gigi: Go to Newport Beach.

Darcy: What?

Gigi: We, um. We used to there for... Just start there. 

Darcy: Gigi, you shouldn't be a part of this. 

Gigi: No, William. I was in love with the man, I know where to find him. 

Darcy: Gigi, please.

Gigi: Newport Beach, Ocean Front Resort. Just start there, okay?

Darcy: I will find him.

Gigi: I'll talk to you later. 

[call ends]

Gigi: Domino end recording.

[end screen]